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General Physics Interview Questions
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What is meant by energy spectrum of a black body? What do you infer from it? : quantum physics


What is meant by degenerate and non-degenerate state? Give examples. : quantum physics


Why is it that sound waves are not normally considered as having particle-like properties, nor raindrops as having wave-like properties? : quantum physics


Why ”quantum physics” is named as it is? : quantum physics


What are the applications of electron microscope. : quantum physics


What is black body? : quantum physics


Explain how spectral lines show discrete energy levels in an atom. : quantum physics


What is black body and what are its characteristics? : quantum physics


How spectral lines show discrete energy levels in an atom. : quantum physics


What is physical significance of wave function? : quantum physics


What are the assumptions of quantum theory of black body radiation? : quantum physics


I’ve heard that in quantum physics a lot of fancy mathematical objects like hilbert spaces are used, and that in particular, measurable quantities are described by self-adjoint operators. Are these things related to what you have just explained? : quantum physics


Describe and interpret qualitatively the evidence provided by electron diffraction for the wave nature of particles. : quantum physics


What are the applications of schrödinger wave equations? : quantum physics


Distinguish between emission and absorption line spectra. : quantum physics


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Un-Answered Questions { General Physics }

Explain how do you separate hydrogen and oxygen gases in industrial electrolysis of water process?


If a plane is in the air and there is a fly flying inside the plane does the plane get heavier when the fly lands?


Explain the Use of manometer.


What is the advantage of fixed pulley?


Whar are the different parts of the x-ray radiation intensity graph? : quantum physics


Does gas have density?


Explain what is neutral buoyancy?


What cycle most directly describes the working cycle of a heat engine operating as an ideal engine of maximum thermal efficiency?


Dear sir, I appeared for the interview for the post of SCIENTIST/ENGINEER 'SC'in ISRO on 02/12/2009. when the resluts will be announced??


Giraffe in Arabic means "the highest of all." The height of a giraffe is an average of 5 m, its mass is about 800 kg and hooves is an area of approximately 625 cm2. Using a straw from a material nedeformabil a giraffe trying to drink water from a lake, not to condescend. What is the ratio of the minimum pressure to be applied giraffe, mouth, at the end paiului to drink water and pressure of giraffe on the ground. The density of water. g = 10 m/s2


What is the direction of null vector?


Who did first record the sound?


Consider earth's equator is covered with a measuring tape touching the ground such both the ends touch each other. if the tape is lifted 1 meter from the ground, what would be the distance between two ends of tape?


An ice-box is built of wood 1.75 cm thick, lined with cork 3 cm thick. If in the steady state the temperature of the inner surface of the cork is 0 ºC and that of the outer surface of wood is 12 ºC, what is the temperature of the wood-cork interface? The thermal conductivities of wood and cork are 0.2 W/m-K and 0.04 W/m-K respectively


Suppose a car is traveling at 72kmph, and if that car slows down to 60kmph it takes an extra 1 hour to cover that same distance. At 72kmph, how long did it take forthe car to cover that distance?