General Physics Interview Questions
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Why does a heavy stone nor break a glass place when place slowly on it, while a small stone falling from a great height easily breaks it ?

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Why it is more difficult to stop a cricket ball than a tennis ball moving with same velocity ?

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When we press our hand on a table downwards, why we do feel the table pressing id greater.

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When a gun is fired, why does the guner receive the jerk ?

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While swimming, why do we press the water backward with our arms and hands ?

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Why a boat rise higher, when it passes from the river water to sea water ?

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Why is it easier to swim in sea water than in the river water?

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Why does a body weigh more at the poles than at the equator?

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If a body is hung from a spring balance first at the poles and then at the Equator, why do the readings of the balance change ?

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Why dies a stone fall when thrown upward, while a balloon rises up?

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Why dies a boat-man push the bank with an oar, when he wants to clear his boat off the bank?

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Why is it easy to turn over a leaf with a wet finger ?

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Why can a bird fly, while a man cannot ?

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When a toy balloon is filled with air and then the air is allowed to go out, why dies the balloon whiz away ?

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When we jump form the boat to the bank why the boat goes backwards from the bank ?

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Similar charges repel while dissimilar ones attract each other. How does two electrons attract each other during the formation of bond or why don't the protons in the nucleus repel?


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What is meant by common potential?


what is use of physics in banking ? why we hire you as you are graduated in physics honours?


we know when two atom combine,the electrions are in valance band,but in case of semiconductor doner or acceptor level are above of v.. whyb


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1.when a diode has its maximum resistance? ohm's applicable for an ac circuit?  


An ice-box is built of wood 1.75 cm thick, lined with cork 3 cm thick. If in the steady state the temperature of the inner surface of the cork is 0 ºC and that of the outer surface of wood is 12 ºC, what is the temperature of the wood-cork interface? The thermal conductivities of wood and cork are 0.2 W/m-K and 0.04 W/m-K respectively


how to figure cubic feet of concrete using English measurements?


How increasing threshold voltage can affect on current in transistor?


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A solar collection has been installed to heat water. A large water tank has a volume of 5.0 x 105 cm3. The area of the solar collectors is 8m2. (2 meters by 3 meters). If the water in the tank starts out with a temperature of 30°C in the morning, what is its temperature in the evening after the sun has set?