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General Physics Interview Questions
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Why does a heavy stone nor break a glass place when place slowly on it, while a small stone falling from a great height easily breaks it ?

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Why it is more difficult to stop a cricket ball than a tennis ball moving with same velocity ?

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When we press our hand on a table downwards, why we do feel the table pressing id greater.

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When a gun is fired, why does the guner receive the jerk ?

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While swimming, why do we press the water backward with our arms and hands ?

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Why a boat rise higher, when it passes from the river water to sea water ?

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Why is it easier to swim in sea water than in the river water?

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Why does a body weigh more at the poles than at the equator?

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If a body is hung from a spring balance first at the poles and then at the Equator, why do the readings of the balance change ?

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Why dies a stone fall when thrown upward, while a balloon rises up?

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Why dies a boat-man push the bank with an oar, when he wants to clear his boat off the bank?

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Why is it easy to turn over a leaf with a wet finger ?

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Why can a bird fly, while a man cannot ?

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When a toy balloon is filled with air and then the air is allowed to go out, why dies the balloon whiz away ?

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When we jump form the boat to the bank why the boat goes backwards from the bank ?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Physics }

while calculating KVA using Volt and Ampere Reading, why we multiply the result with Square Root of 3 (i.e, 1.73)?


Explain what is a positron?


The lowest frequency that determines the pitch of a musical note is most commonly called the?


What are the three particles that make up an atom?


What are newton s laws of motion?


Why does a tilted gyroscope not fall?


Explain what is the heterogenous?


Explain how do you find the refractive index of a liquid by using total internal reflection?


Explain what is a crest?


assuming g = 9.8 m/sec2, what is the weight on earth, in newtons, of a 60 kilogram person?


What are the characteristics of a musical sound?


Explain the name for the physical constant with a value of 6.62 x 10-27 erg seconds?


What are the steps to the scientific notation?


Will a dc motor actually produce voltage if it is spun in reverse?


heat cannot pass from a cooler substance to a warmer substance without some other process being involved. This is an example of which law of thermodynamics?