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General Physics Interview Questions
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we know when two atom combine,the electrions are in valance band,but in case of semiconductor doner or acceptor level are above of v.. whyb


why we need complex no. in physical world?

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a thing that will break easily?

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why is a coin in a vessel not vissible when seen fromjust below the edge of the vessel but can be viewed from the same position when water is poured into the vessel ?

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can we use kgs instead of kg? why?

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What is Gravitational Force and why is everything being attracted towards Earth instead of other Planets.Can you describe in Terms of IT field when it comes to Network Topology?

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a person carrying a bucket of water will leans towards his left why?

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how does a medicine is filled in dropper

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what happens when an object travels in the speed of light hits another object?

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which type of component is transformer

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i applied airports authority of india in jr ATC .please inform how to read &what's syllabus i preparing is best.u send previous papers in mail...


if an ice cube place in a beaker contained water for some time,wether the quantity of water inside the beaker increases?

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What is the difference between emf & current

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Dear Sir, I have completed B.Sc(M.P.C) in Nagarjuna University. Now, I have to do Distance Education in M.Sc (Electronics or Electronics & Instrumentation). Please Provide the Details of these Cource offering Universites in Andhra Pradesh.

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When the letters of an opposite side board are found in a mirror as reverse,why the same is not shown as up and down?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Physics }

What are newton s laws of motion?


Explain the difference between isolation transformers and step up or step down transformer?


Explain one advantage of a scanning electron microscope over a transmission electron microscope?


What is the opaque?


What is Steady State Load & Transient Load?


What is the heterogenous?


a car starts from rest with uniform acceleration "a" for sometime and then with uniform retardation "b" and comes to rest. The time of motion is "t". find the maximum velocity attained by it?


With the formula Frequency=(np)/120 were does the 120 come from I realize it to be a constant but how was it determined


By passing current through a wire wrapped around an iron rod, william sturgeon invented the?


What is a positron?


Explain what is different between secondary electron image and back scattered electron image?


Give one advantage of a scanning electron microscope over a transmission electron microscope?


Why does the pilot tilt the outer wing of the airplane inward while taking a turn?


How do you calculate tensile strength?


Explain the domestic consumption of electricity is calculated in?