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General Physics Interview Questions
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Why does a cyclist bend inwards, while turning a corner ?


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Why dies the earth move round the sun, and the moon round the earth ?

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Why are the tides produced in the sea ?

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Why a small stone and a big stone reach at the same time when they are made to fall through the same heights ?

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It is easier to knock a man down when he is standing on one leg than when he stands on two legs. Why ?

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Why is it difficult to stand on stilts ?

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Why does a water pump becomes ineffective, when water ha to be raised through a height grater than 30 ft. ?

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Why is there a change in the weight of a body if the earth changes its speed ?

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Why does the specific gravity of milk increase, when cream is removed from the milk ?

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Why dies blotting paper absorb ink ?

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Why does ink not spread n the paper used in the ?slick? ?

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How does the towel dry out hands ?

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Why does bluing make things whiter ?

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Why dies starch stiffen the clothes ?

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Why are morning and evening less warm than noons ?

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Why do you not collapse under the pressure created by the atmosphere?


Explain the three particles that make up an atom?


Explain what is the longest lasting synthetic periodic element?


How much oxygen is in the atmosphere?


Tell me how are amps and watts related?


A solar collection has been installed to heat water. A large water tank has a volume of 5.0 x 105 cm3. The area of the solar collectors is 8m2. (2 meters by 3 meters). If the water in the tank starts out with a temperature of 30°C in the morning, what is its temperature in the evening after the sun has set?


What is neutral buoyancy?


Explain big bang theory?


write a program on link list to get information about graduated students?


Explain what is different between secondary electron image and back scattered electron image?


What is Voltage Dip? why it is required for Generator Sizing?


What is black body and what are its characteristics? : quantum physics


What are the branches of physics?


What is the order the following from the worst electrical conductor to the best electrical conductor: glass, rubber, iron, dry wood: