Test Director Interview Questions
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Iam trying to get a job in QA .Can any one please send me the website or link ,so that i can download the trial version thank u

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Can any one suggest me how to start preparing for a QA job? i started studying manual testing,is automated testing also required for interviews? thank u


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Anybody can explain What are Tabs in Test Director and What is the current version of QTP and TestDirector ...Thanks in advance....

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Actually what is Quality center.. is it Test director only.. Anybody can explain it..Thanks in advance..


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how will you do execution workflow, creat and modify test sets


What do you mean by Requirment Coverage?

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can test cases we wroitten directly on td. wat else we can do in td

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please paste some qsns on QC...........



what was the advantage of Quality center? functions performed using Quality center? thanks in advance

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what would be purpose of Dashboard on Quality center? please provide me the advantage of dashboard? thanks in advance....

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how to import excel/word data into the test plan module of quality center 9.0


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how many ways are there to copy test cases in test director


Can any one tell how to install the TD in our system?



what iz d difference between TD an QC??....... :)


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what is RTM in test director?

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how can we see all fields in test director


What is the Change management ?


what is the last version in TD to support for qtp?


Disavantages of document generator? How to take a print out of the steps in the Parameterized scripts?


What are the drawbacks of TD??


Is QC comes under functional testing or not?


What r the views in testdirector?


How do you analyze your test results? What metrics do you try to provide?


How do you ensure that there are no duplication of bugs in Test Director?


how many ways are there to copy test cases in test director


Can anyone tell me where i can Download free full version of test director


how can we see all fields in test director


Hi All, Im currently getting to grips with the Document Generator in Test Director and have a query. We use TD to link requirements to test cases and I am attempting to produce a report which lists the requirement and the test case it is linked to. I cant see a way to do this as the test case link info resides on the Coverage page and it appears the only field available to display for requirements reports within document generator as those on the 'details' tab. Any tips?


Explain about "Defect life cycle" in HP Quality Center ?


Explain about user authentication in TD related to OS?