Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is incosistent testing

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what is data guidelines


Difference b/w test case and scenarios.

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what is the difference between sanity and smoke testing?

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what is UAT and IST ?

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What would be a person who is looking for a job in testing should put his jobprofile in some jobs websites like Naukri,Times,Monster,Etc,Etc.... as a QA or QC if He/She is trying for Manual or Automation Testing?

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What is meant by Framework?Is the framework related only to AUTOMATIO or else it will applicable to MANUAL testing too?


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How do u ensure that there are no duplicate testcases?

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What is P.M Round? What type of questions are they asking? ? If know anybody Plz Post to my mail ID ( Thank U

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How will u satisfy Ur Client,P.M,T.L?it need to satisfy clients,P.M,T.L?

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How many Types of test Case are there? What are the challenges u faced in Ur Company ? What are intonation u taken in ur project?

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What is a Recovery Testing


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What is Recovery Testing in Testing the TV

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What is Stability and Performance Testing in Testing the TV



What is Tracebility Matrix ? What is there in that and what will u do with that ?

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I know functional test cases are derived from frs and system design specs. But are test cases for performance, database, boundary, relational integrity and other types of tests other than functional tests created from frs and system design specs as well? When are these test cases created? Are they in the same test plans alongside functional test cases or is their a different test plan that includes these test cases?


Why you are selected software testing as career ?


how to connect your project in database?


Hi Friends, This is Chennamsubbaraidu.i Have 2+ Years Realtime Exp in Manual Testing.Am Looking to Shift From My Present Company.Please if u Have Any Openings in Your Company's, Please Let Me Know.Any Location Prefer.Thanks.


Hi If anyone from banglore want to know the real time senario like writting Test cases and how things actually happens in a company. I am taking a 2 hours class which will cover all the real time experiance and guidence for job. classes are counducted only at weekends. for further queries mail me at Vinodh Anandhan Software Test Engineer


what is the technical challange you faced in your module.please ans me the question i just want example can me any example please very important


What are the benefits of creating multiple actions within any virtual user script?


what is the testing approach for windows Explorer(Not IE Explorer)


plz tell me the difference b/w PB/MF based appl.with examples. Thanks


can anybody tell me what is release process of company? release note?


What is the most important phase in STLC and Why


what is the test plan of facebook?


What is error cusing tecnique


If we have 9 floor n 3 eggs n we have to check from which floor the egg wont get can we do that


Pls u can u r mail id to my personal mail id also if they dont want to give u r mail id n comman place