Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is the basic need for preparing test cases?


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What is Smoke testing,in smoke testing time u will prepare the test cases or not?


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In real time where u can apply traceability matrix


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what is diff between stress & load testing


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write the negative test cases for pencil based on it's functionality


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After project was released to customer the customer find a defect in u r build. the build is related to that area which u had tested that. so u r TL comes and asks u then how will u convince u r TL and The customer


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in configuration tool as a tester wich documents u r going to add

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What is CMM and CMMI?

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What is Hands-Off Testing?


how do u import all ur test case written in excel sheet to test director?


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how do u know that the test case is complete(assume we have a testbox how do u know that all the test cases are covered for this text box)


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What is Memory Leak? How to test "Memory Leak" problem in an application manually?


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what is the difference between test bed and test environment?

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what is defect ,error,bug,failure and fault?

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what is the difference between stress and load testing

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Differentiate test bed and test environment?


what is the difference between PEGA based web application testing versus web application testing?


What is back to back testing?


wat are the questions would the project leader ask about the project?? please do send the answers early.


how will the test plan is pepared in ur organisation>?


Can any one please tell me which is the best institute in Bangalore to learn QA (crash course)? Thanks


Hi I want to start online training couses for testing Any body plz help me out how to start the online courses Plz post the answer here or send me a mail for


is it not possible to automate full project??what r the parts in project that cant be automated(tht has to be done manually)?


What is frame level testing and how do we test it?


When did u complete testing ? Which scenrio should not be in automation testing ? why ?


anybody there with 3+ exp in software testing looking for change and like to work in bangalore fwd your resume to


how to create automation frame work ?


how agile testing is performed and what are the related documents.


What is the most important phase in STLC and Why


Presently working in software company as a software test engineer with 1.5 yrs of experience but i am 2002 passout.Gap is 6 yrs.Is there any problem getting job in MNC? Which criteria HR follows for recruiting test engineer?