Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How to write a scenario from requirements?give an example..

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what is the difference between functionality testing and regression testing

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hai, pls. explain V-Model clearly. Pls. give me guidience how to explain V-Model in interviews?

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what is BRD and FRD Can any one tell the expansion?


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Is it possible to have a defect with high severity and low priority and vice-versa i.e high priority and low severity? Justify,if possible? give a example?

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what is the priority for fixing bug?

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what is volume,stress,load testing ?

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what is meant by package testing?

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what is defect leakage?

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What does the tester do in automated testing?

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What are the benefits of automated testing over white box and black box testing?

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Name three types of tests that should be automated.

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Name three types of tests that should NOT be automated.

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What are the four steps of automated testing?

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What is an IDE?

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Being an Manual tester, what will be the role or activity in test plan ?


What is the difference between code walkthrough and code review? What is the difference between walkthrough and inspection?


I am new to testing, I need information about TSYS any website or if you have information please mail it to me. this is for online credit applications project.My mail id is Thanks for your help.


in transfer funds module, how you come to know that amount has been transferred successfully or not....explain in detail


What is defect validity ratio?


10 scenarios for security testing using gmail applications?


Beyond the customary advantages of having a testing group, what are the benefits does a company receive from a well run, automated testing group?


Hi, this is murthysharma. I need very urgently about some terms which are used in use cases? Plz give reply to me, if any body know, It is really very very urgent. 1. what is the difference between basic flow,exception flow and alternative flow? 2.what are non-functional requirements in use cases? 3.what are exceptions, special requirements, business rules, assumptions, constraints. Kindly give me with the example. Bcoz, I am very new to this use cases. thanks in Advance. Regards, M.MurthySharma


What is difference between Manual testing and Pega/BPM testing?


Hi,friends i am going to write ICST certificate exam on augest.So can anybody post some of sample qusetions for ICST certificate exam.Really it will be useful for me


HI, This question is Investment Banking domain related Question. I was asked in an Interview to tell the 5 test cases for Equity,Bond,Futures and options. Please help.. Pragya


hi, this is geetha, i have one doubt regarding the vulnerability testing. For sql injection testing is there any need for the tools to be installed. If it is what is tool and what is the method to test in sql injection testing. Plz Guide me


Hi, what do you mean by internal auditing? what are the things they do in internal auditing?what they review? THNX in Advance


how mapp the defect id in quality center?


what are the status have in QC(Test Management Tool). and how you report?