Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How to write a scenario from requirements?give an example..

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what is the difference between functionality testing and regression testing

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hai, pls. explain V-Model clearly. Pls. give me guidience how to explain V-Model in interviews?

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what is BRD and FRD Can any one tell the expansion?


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Is it possible to have a defect with high severity and low priority and vice-versa i.e high priority and low severity? Justify,if possible? give a example?

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what is the priority for fixing bug?

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what is volume,stress,load testing ?

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what is meant by package testing?

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what is defect leakage?

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What does the tester do in automated testing?

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What are the benefits of automated testing over white box and black box testing?

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Name three types of tests that should be automated.

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Name three types of tests that should NOT be automated.

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What are the four steps of automated testing?

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What is an IDE?

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what is your daily activities?


how can we give (ASSIGN) bug privitorirs and seviroty to the bug explain with exanple


Hi Friends, I wish to start my career in manual Testing as I believe I am ready to face Interviews.I have good domain knowledge in banking(investment and retail) and insurance.To be in the competition I have added three years of testing experience to my CV apart from my domain experience. Can someone please advice some real time tips which can help in facing the interview. Thanks in advance


please send me interview questions asked in google in testing - manual


What r the things,u prefer and prepare before starting testing?


how to access a build & wat is its configuration


how agile testing is performed and what are the related documents.


Hi Friends, Just One Month Back I was Join in Small Company as a Testing Eng.I have Six Month Exp. In this Company all my team memb.r fresher & PM give responsibility on us to prepare all require QC doc. for our new project.So I need ur help in this matter .How Can I start my work and Which Doc.I start to collect & From Where I get Detail Information all abt these thing. Thanks to all friends who give reply to this. Suyog


hi this is chik here iam showing my current project ERP and am prepair in hr model please tell me details about it and what all function test in hr model and give me some test caserelated to this module.Please tell me am faceing lots of problem in interview am not able to explain in interview please help me out my id is


Write the function test case to add a customer to database.


Give me sample test cases for smoke testing


What icon is used in WinRunner to get an explanation of the syntax of TSL?


is it necessary to write neagtive test cases for each and every field


what is mean by Performance Related Testing in data base?


Assume a login page, and you have written 10 cases(say for example). How will you justify that these 10 testcase suffient for the login and how do you say this is 100% satisfies the need.