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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How to write a scenario from requirements?give an example..

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what is the difference between functionality testing and regression testing

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hai, pls. explain V-Model clearly. Pls. give me guidience how to explain V-Model in interviews?

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what is BRD and FRD Can any one tell the expansion?


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Is it possible to have a defect with high severity and low priority and vice-versa i.e high priority and low severity? Justify,if possible? give a example?

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what is the priority for fixing bug?

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what is volume,stress,load testing ?

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what is meant by package testing?

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what is defect leakage?

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What does the tester do in automated testing?

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What are the benefits of automated testing over white box and black box testing?

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Name three types of tests that should be automated.

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Name three types of tests that should NOT be automated.

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What are the four steps of automated testing?

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What is an IDE?

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What is the difference between latent and masked defects?


What is test closure?


can any one send sample test cases for database testing by taking an example? also leave emailid please. thanks (very urgent)


what kind of testing have u done?


Can you explain tpa analysis?


Can anyone please tell in detail about the Rally tool and how a tester is going to use it.


Can you explain usability testing?


What is the responsibility of programmer’s vs QA?


What is the difference between GUI Testing,UI testing and Usability TEsting


Can anyone tell me about banking project? abt the transactions? the flow?


What is Catapult Testing in E-Learning Domain?


What is mutation testing & when can it be done?


how to verify a button size (e.g Login Button) on a web page have same dimension prescribed by Client in UI Testing..??


what is Test management fundamental?


What is the most important phase in STLC and Why