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What is the link state routing protocol in the TCP/IP protocol stack? A. IP B. IS-IS C. NLSP D. OSPF E. RIP version 2


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The ICMP (referred to in RFC 1700) is implented by all TCP/IP hosts. A. true B. false

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What is the result of using a hierarchical addressing framework? A. increased availability of addresses B. decreased distance between routers C. increased router memory requirements D. no need to maintain routing information

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In which two modes can the ICMP ping command be used? (Choose two) A. user B. privileged C. global configuration D. interface configuration

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Which two encapsulation names are correctly paired with the Cisco IOS encapsulation names? (Choose two) A. Ethernet_II-ARPA B. Ethernet_802.3-SAP C. Ethernet_802.2-LLC D. Ethernet_SNAP-SNAP

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IPX traffic using different encapsulation types can go over the same data link A. True B. False

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Which network mask should you place on a Class C address to accommodate a user requirement for five networks with a maximum of 17 hosts on each networks A. B. C. D.

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Which two commands allow you to verify address configuration in your unternetword? (Choose two) A. ping B. trace C. verify D. test ip E. Echo ip F. config ip

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When you cords an IP address on a place router which command stale the IP processing on the interface? A. ip enable B. network ip-address C. ip address ip-address subnet mask D. the exit command from the enabled configuration E. copy running-configuration to startup-configuration

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What are four benefits that can result from applying ISDN networking? (Choose four) A. Full time connectivity across the ISDN is spoofed by Cisco IOS routers using dial on demand routing (DDR) B. Small Once and Home Once sites can be economically supported with ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) servkps C. ISDN replaces Signaling System 7 (SS7) in the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTIC) backbone D. ISDN can be used as a backup service for a leased line connection between the remote and central chaps E. Modem racking and cabling can be eliminated by integration of digital modem cards on Cisco IOS Network Acess Servers (NAS)

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What does the Frame Relay switch use to distinguish between each PVC connection? A. data-link connection identifiers (DLCIs) B. BECNs C. FECNs D. the Local Management Interface (LMI)

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You have a Frame Relay link on serial 1. Which command displays the Local Management Interface (LMI) data link connection identifier (DLCI) and bandwidth for that link? A. show interface serial1 B. show frame-felay serial1 C. show protocol frame-relay serial1 D. show serial1 encapsulation frame-relay

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What is the total bandwidth of all channels on a BRI circuit? A. 56 kps B. 64 kps C. 112 kps D. 128 kps E. 144. kps


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Which command displays the intenances using a given access list? A. show filters B. show ip interface C. show active lists D. show interface paramaters E. configure ip access lists F. show access-list interfaces

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Which command displays access list 111? A. show access-list 111 B. show ip access-list 111 C. display ip access-list 111 D. display access-list 111 details


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