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IPX traffic using different encapsulation types can go over
the same data link

A. True

B. False

IPX traffic using different encapsulation types can go over the same data link A. True B. Fal..

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Answer: True

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Differentiate User Mode from Privileged Mode?

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What is the command to manually enter a static route? A.) IP route network B.) IP route C.) IP route < destination network> D.) IP route

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What is true when using DDR? A.) HDLC is the preferred encapsulation B.) You must use static routing C.) You should use dynamic routing D.) You should use ISDN

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Identify the 2 commands that display the clock rate configured on the serial0 interface? A.) show serial0 B.) show interface serial0 C.) Show clock rate serial 0 D.) show controllers serial 0 E.) show running-config

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Which term describes the process in which frames from one network system are placed inside the frames of another network system? A. bridging B. tunnelling C. data link control D. generic routing E. packet switching

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You have a Class B network address divided into 30 subnets. You will add 25 new subnets within the next year. You need 600 host IDs for each subnet. Which subnet mask should you use? A.) B.) C.) D.) 255.255.248 0

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What is the update period for rip?

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if i am using active directory,i have router also.then how i configure router,means which address will be default gatway in active directory & roter how to give ip address details in router.

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Identify the hardware component that stores the bootstrap program? A.) ROM B.) NVRAM C.) Booter load D.) RAM E.) Flash

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Do you found the Cisco Certification 642-067 exam Guide ?

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Which layer is responsible for negotiating data transfer syntax? A.) Network B.) Session C.) Application D.) Transport E.) Presentation

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What are the ranges of private ips?

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