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CCNA Interview Questions
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Which statement about Ethernet switches is true? A. Symmetric switching allows connection between pods of unlike bandwidth and does not require memory buffering B. Memory Buffering is used to prevent a bottleneck when pods of different bandwidth are connected on a symmetric switch C. The latency can be reduced if the switch utilizes the store and forward method of switching store and forward is better for error detection D. The cut through method of switching is faster because the switch forwards the packet to the destination as soon as it reads the destination address

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Which two statements are true? (Choose two) A. Ethernet 802.3 utilizes a half duplex method for data transfer B. In a 100 MBS point to point connection a full duplex connection can provide 400 Mbs of data transfer C. Ethernet switches can use the full duplex mode to connect multiple nodes on a single pod of a switch D. Full duplex Ethernet takes advantage of UTP using one pair for transmission and the other pair for reception

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You have just issued the erase startup-config Command and reloaded your router. In which mode will your router be when you react? A. setup B. startup C. user EXEC D. userd privileged E. global configuration

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Which three pieces of CDP information about neighbours routers are displayed on your console terminal? (Choose three) A. neighbours router a host name B. the neighbours router a hardware platform C. up to one address for each protocol supported D. up to two addresses for each protocol supported

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You have powered on a new router and you want to create an initial configuration. Which mode should you use? A. copy mode B. user mode C. setup mode D. startup mode


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When you issue the command show version your router returns "Configuration register is 0x0101" From where does the router boot? A. ROM B. NVRAM C. Flash D. a TFTP server

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Which two types of route table entries are used by a Layer 3 router to determine the appropriate path to destination? (Choose two) A. static route entry B. default route entry C. Dynamic route entry D. temporary route entry E. permanent route entry

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Which two physical interfaces support PPP? (Choose two) A. Ethernet B. Token Ring C. Synchronous serial D. Asynchronous serial

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Which two statements about a reliable connection oriented data transfer are true? (Choose two) A. recipients acknolwedge receipt of data B. when tankers are filled to capacity, datagrams are discarded and not retransmitted C. windows are used to control the amount in outstanding unacknowledged data segments D. if the sender a timer expires before receipt of an acknowledgement the sender drops the connection E. The receiving device waits for acknowledgements from the sending device before accepting more data segments

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Which three functions are supported by connection oriented servkps? (Choose three) A. connection parameters are synchronized B. any loss or duplication of packets can be corrected C. the data packet is independently routed and the service does not guarantee the packet will be processed in order D. a data communication path is established between a requesting entity and the peer device on the remote end system

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Given the following IP address from the Class C address range Your network plan needs addresses for 28 small prkps Each office uses its own shored. The network design specifies that you confound for five bits of subnetting. When you confound for this in Cisco IOS software which shored mask should you use? A. B. C. D. E.

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What is an example of a valid MAC address? A. B. 19-22-01-63-25 C. 0000.1234.FEGA D.


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What are the generic parts of a network layer address? A. an intenetworks number and a URL B. a vendor code and a serial number C. a network number and a host number D. a broadcast number and a unicast number E. a domain identifier and a device identifier

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Whith the hierarchical numbering of IP addressing what determines the spoon of the address that will identify the network number? A. subnet mask B. dots between octets C. class of the first octet D. assignments of DHCP E. address resolution process

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Which three protocols are corerectly matched to their transport layer functions? (Choose three) A. route selection IP B. sliding window UDP C. well known pods IP D. route validation ICMP E. connection oriented TCP F. three way handshake TCP G. no sequence and acknowledgement UDP

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What are the protocols that are used by every layer of ip/tcp model?


What does synchronization mean?


Name the 2 protocols are in wan technology?


Why is network segmentation a good idea when managing a large network?


Value in which type of access list?


Can you describe the Authentication Header (AH) Protocol?


how we update the IOS version with the help of TFTP?


Tell us the name of best path in eigrp protocol?


what's the difference between Symmetric and Asymmetric cryptosystem?


Explain the types of nat?


Which dynamic type draw back is, if single link down, it removes its routing table?


How are internetworks created?


How is private ip different from public ip?


What is 100BaseFX?