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CCNA Interview Questions
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Company XYZ has an employee that works out of the home. The employee runs big client server applications and must quickly transfer large files. The company wants the best cost/benefit on this connection. What would be the most practical solution? A. an ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) connection to the user at home B. a dedicated T1 connection to the user at home C. a dedicated Frame Relay connection to the user at home D. a standard 28.8 analog dialup connection to the user at home

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What are three benefits of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) (Choose three) A. PVCs are faster and more reliable B. No specialized equipment is required C. Data transfer is faster than typical modems D. Call setup is faster than with standard telephone service E. It carries many types of data tramp such as voice video and data

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Which configuration task must you complete if a remote Frame Relay router does NOT support Inverse APP? A.configure static maps B.define an IP address locally C.disable DHCP on the Frame Relay router D.configure a static route to the remote network

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Given the configuration example

interface ethernet0 ipx network 4a ipx access group 800 out interface ethernet1 ipx network 3d interface ethernet2 ipx network 5c access list 800 permit 3d 4a
Which two actions result from implementing this configuration? (Choose two) A. IPX network 5c will not receive any traffic B. Traffic from network 3d for network 4a will be forwarded out e0 C. Traffic from network 4a for network 3d will be forwarded out e0 D. Traffic from network 3d destined for network 4a will be forwarded out e2 E. The access list is applied to an outgoing interface and filters outbound traffic

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Which two commands show your access lists? (Choose two) A. show filters B. show access-lists C. show ip access-lists D. show running-config

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Which two steps are required to confound and apply standard access lists on an interface? (Choose two) A. define an access list number and its parameters B. enable an interface to become part of the access list group C. define the number of access lists to be supported on an interface D. copy the access list definition to each interface that will support it

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What does the command show access-lists 101 list? A. all defended access lists B. all access lists within the router C. the contents of standard access list 101 D. the contents of defended access list 101

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What is a back off on an 802.3 networks? A. It is latency in store and forward switching B. It is the time used for token passing from machine to machine C. It is the retransmission delay that is enforced when a collision occurs D. It is the result of two nodes transmitting at the same time. The frames from each transmitting device collide and are damaged

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What are four ways that Fast Ethernet compares to 10BaseT Ethernet? (Choose four) A. Fast Ethernet uses the same Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) B. Fast Ethernet is based on an extension to the IEEE 802.3 specification C. Fast Ethernet uses the same Media Access Control (MAC) mechanisms D. Fast Ethernet preserves the frame format that is used by 10BaseT Ethernet E. Fast Ethernet errors a speed increase one hundred times that of the 10BaseT Ethernet

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How many collisions are caused by transmitting and receiving frames simultaneously in a full-duplex Ethernet technology? A. one B. two C. none D. several

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What does the term Base refer to in 100BaseT A. cabling type B. singnal type C. 100 mode type D. spectrum used E. speed category

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How do you get help on a command after you have received the % incomplete command response from a switch CLI? A. type "history" to review the prompt before the error B. enter a question mark to display all the console commands C. type help followed by the command to see command parameters D. reenter the command followed by a question mark to view keywords

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Which show underrate serial 1 status statement indicates that the shutdown command was issued on that interface? A. Serial 1 is up line protocol is up B. Serial 1 is up line protocol is down C. Serial 1 is down line protocol is down D. Serial 1 is administratively down the line protocol is down

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Which command loads a new version of the Cisco IOS into a router? A. copy flash ftp B. copy ftp flash C. copy flash ftp D. copy tftp flash

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Which router component stores routing tables APP cache and packet buffers? A. ROM B. RAM C. AVRAM D. Flash memory

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Tell me which protocol works only on cisco routers?


Mention what is the difference between the switch, hub, and router?


What do you understand by poe (power over ethernet)?


When dr communicate with bdr which multicast ip it use?


What are the conversion steps of data encapsulation?


what is the concept of HA and FA in VPN tunneling?


Explain the types of nat?


Explain the difference between half-duplex and full-duplex?


How many tables are in ospf protocol?


Which decision called socket base?


What are the protocols that are used by every layer of ip/tcp model?


Why subnetting is used?


Explain which layer are called upper layer?


What is DHCP stand for?


What is window in networking terms?