What are four ways that Fast Ethernet compares to 10BaseT
Ethernet? (Choose four)

A. Fast Ethernet uses the same Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)

B. Fast Ethernet is based on an extension to the IEEE 802.3

C. Fast Ethernet uses the same Media Access Control (MAC)

D. Fast Ethernet preserves the frame format that is used by
10BaseT Ethernet

E. Fast Ethernet errors a speed increase one hundred times
that of the 10BaseT Ethernet

What are four ways that Fast Ethernet compares to 10BaseT Ethernet? (Choose four) A. Fast Ether..

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Answer: A, B, C, D

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hi friends i have some problem regarding technical round ahr round plz tell me what should the right answer technical questions 1 what is brouter 2 what is the menaing of 10 base2, 10 base 5 and 10baset 3 what is diffrence between bit rate and baud rate. and this question was tooooooooooo much difficult to me that hr said to me that rank me after the taking the all short of interview

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