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CCNA Interview Questions
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Which three protocols are correctly matched to their transport layer functions? (Choose three) A. route selection IP B. sliding window UDP C. well known pods IP D. route validation ICMP E. connection oriented TCP F. three-way handshake TCP G. no sequence and acknowledgement UDP

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Which IP host address range is allowable given an IP address of and 12 bits of subnetting A. to B. to C. to D. to E. to

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IPX traffic using different encapsulation types can go over the same data link A. true B. false

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The ICMP (referred to in PFC 1700) is implemented by all TCP/IP hosts A. true B. false

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When you use the Cisco IOS command show configuration on a router which part of the output shows the specific conferred IP addresses and shored masks? A. the IP host table B. the interfaces output C. each section of the output D. the global configuration statements E. the section under the autonomous system number

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Novell IPX network addresses have two conferrable parts. The network administrator specifies the IPX network number. How is the node number determined? A. It is the serial number of the given device B. It is assigned as a lease by Novell DHCP C. It is also set by the network administrator D. It is usually the MAC address of one Interface E. It is downloaded by Netware Core Protocol (NCP)

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How many valid host IP addresses are available on the following network/subnetwork? A. 2 B. 30 C. 254 D. 16,382 E. 65,534


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What are two functions of the ICMP protocol? (Choose two) A. to map IP addresses to Ethernet addresses B. to map common names to network addresses C. to forward SNMP alerts to management consoles D. to generate an echo reply in response to a ping test E. to send a host or pod unreachable message from a router to the source of an undeliverable packet

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Using the TCP/IP protocol suite, a message is sent from host A to a destination IP address on the same LAN. How does host A determine the destination of a MAC address? A. It uses a proxy APP B. It uses APP requests C. It uses PARP requests D. It uses a router lookup table

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Which command sets IGRP as the routing protocol for autonomous system 100? A. Router(config)#igrp 100 B. Router(config)#network 100 C. Router(config)#router igrp 100 D. Router(config)#enable igrp 100

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Which statement about the flow control function of TCP is true? A. TCP makes no snarl to check for lost or duplicate data packets B. The application layer must sequence data packets when using TCP C. TCP controls the flow of UDP data through negative acknowledgements (NAK) D. TCP is a connection oriented protocol that acknowledges receipt of data packets and is considered reliable

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Which two steps are part of the process of creating Frame Relay subinterfaces on a point to point connection? (Choose two) A. configure the router to forward all broadcast packets B. remove any network address assigned to the physical interface C. configure the local data link connection identifier (DICI) for the subinterfaces D. cartoon the total committed information rate (CIP) available among the subinterfaces

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Your network is having IP problems connecting to one or more Frame Relay peer routers. Which two commmands should you use to show the routers that are reachable? (Choose two) A. show ip map B. show ip router C. show frame-relay map D. debug frame-relay map

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Which statement about the Committed Information Rate (CIP) is true? A. It is the rate in bits per second at which the Frame Relay switch agrees to transfer data B. It is the clock speed (pod speed) of the connection (local loop) to the Frame Relay cloud C. It is the maximum number of bits that switch can transferduring any Committed Rate Measurement Interval D. It is a signaling standard between the 3PE device and FP switch. It is responsible for managing the connection and maintaining status between the devices.

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Which encapsulation methods are most commonly used with dialup Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)? A. IP and IPX B. IP and PPP C. PPP and SDLC D. PPP and HDLC

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What is bgp?


What is the minimum and maximum request timer?


How many types of router?


what is prefix list


Define the logical link control?


What is the syntax of ipv4?


How many potions of ip?


Which cable we connect in db-9?


What is raid in ccna?


What are the ranges for the private ips?


Which command we give on privilege mode for coming back to user execution mode?


What is BootP?


Suppose we are having two Switches i.e. Switch1 & Switch2 Port1 of Switch1 is Connected to Uplink and switch2 is also connected to switch1? So 1>Is there is any loop? 2>How we come to know that there is a loop created? 3>If we add Switch3 to switch2 then there is a possibility of loop Creation?


What are some standards supported by the Presentation layer?


What is the name of distance vector algorithm?