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CCNA Interview Questions
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Which OSI layer provides mechanical, electrical & procedural specifications for activating, maintaining physical link? A.) Presentation B.) Network C.) Application D.) Physical E.) Transport F.) Data-Link

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Identify 2 characteristics of PPP? A.) Uses LLC to establish the link B.) Default serial encapsulation C.) Support multiple layer 3 protocols D.) Offers two types of authentication; PAP and CHAP

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Identify 3 characteristics of a connection oriented protocol? A.) Path determination B.) Flow control C.) Acknowledgements D.) Uses hop count as metric E.) 3 way handshake

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What is the maximum hop count for IP RIP? A.) Infinity B.) 16 C.) 15 D.) 1

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What is Cisco's default encapsulation method on serial interfaces? A.) ANSI B.) Cisco C.) Q933a D.) HDLC

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Which of the following is a characteristic of a switch, but not of a router? A.) Switches forward packets based on the IPX or IP address in the frame B.) Switches forward packets based on the IP address in the frame C.) Switches forward packets based on the MAC address in the frame D.) Switches forward packets based only on the IP address in the packet

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Ping uses which Internet layer protocol? A.) RARP B.) ICMP C.) ARP D.) FTP

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Which is true regarding store-and-forward switching method? A.) Latency varies depending on frame-length B.) Latency is constant C.) It is default for all Cisco switches D.) It only reads the destination hardware address before forwarding the frame

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Which three of the following are true statements about connection-oriented sessions? A.) The segments delivered are acknowledged back to the sender upon their reception B.) Any segments not acknowledged are retransmitted by the receiver C.) A manageable data flow is maintained in order to avoid congestion, overloading and loss of any data D.) Segments are sequenced back into their proper order upon arrival at their destination

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What does a metric of 16 hops represent when using RIP? A.) Number of hops to the destination B.) Destination unreachable C.) Number of routers D.) Bandwidth


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You need to come up with a TCP/IP addressing scheme for your company. Which two factors must you consider when you define the subnet mask for the network? A.) The location of DHCP servers B.) The volume of traffic on each subnet C.) The number of subnets on the network D.) The location of the default gateway E.) The number of host IDs on each subnet

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What is the difference between TCP and UDP? A.) TCP is connection-oriented; UDP uses acknowledgements only B.) TCP is connection-oriented; UDP is connectionless C.) Both TCP and UDP are connection-oriented, but only TCP uses windowing D.) TCP and UDP both have sequencing, but UDP is connectionless

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What does the 'S' mean when looking at the routing table? A.) Statically connected B.) Directly connected C.) Dynamically attached D.) Shutdown route

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Why would you use static routing instead of dynamic routing? A.) When you want automatic updates of the routing tables B.) All the time C.) When you have very few routes and want to conserve bandwidth D.) When you have a gateway of last resort

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What does the acronym ARP stand for? A.) Address Resolution Phase B.) ARP Resolution Protocol C.) Address Resolution Protocol D.) Address Recall Protocol

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What are 10base5 ethernet lans?


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Which command we give for see routing table?


Explain how many maximum paths you can give on latest ios in rip?


Which protocol supenetting is enable by default?


Explain why UDP is lease favored when compared to TCP?


What are the protocol data units (pdu) in ccna?


What is hold down time formula of ospf?