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CCNA Interview Questions
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Cisco's implementation of ISDN BRI has multi protocol support, SNMP MIB support, and what other features? A.) Call waiting B.) Compression C.) ADSL D.) 1.544 Mbps E.) Call screening F.) Negative 'G' support

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The Network layer works with which of the following: A.) Globules B.) Bits C.) Packets D.) Segments E.) Frames

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An optional parameter on an IPX access is the 'LOG' parameter. This records access-list violations when a packet matches. What else does the 'LOG' option do? A.) Records the number of times that a packet matches the list. B.) Return a message to user who is denied access the by list. C.) Notifies an SNMP Agent. D.) Saves the log to NVRAM. E.) Send an SNMP Trap.

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Which is not a common problem with Distance-Vector routing? A.) Slow convergence. B.) Complex configuration. C.) Routing loops. D.) Periodic updates can slow convergence. E.) Counting to infinity.

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Which routing protocols uses connection-oriented routing updates? A.) IGRP B.) UDP C.) RIP D.) IP E.) BGP

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At which layer of the OSI Reference Model do bridges operate? A.) Physcial B.) Session C.) Datalink D.) Transport E.) Network

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Where is the point between the customers site and the phone carrier that responsibility changes? A.) CO B.) Demarc C.) DCE D.) DTE E.) CPE

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Novell NetWare has an Ethernet frame type called Ethernet_802.2. What is the matching Cisco command line keyword for this encapsulation method? A.) gns B.) arpa C.) snap D.) sap E.) novell-ether F.) dix

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Which of the following is an example of the Physical Layer? A.) TCP B.) ARP C.) IP D.) FDDI E.) LLC F.) Fast Ethernet

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Which of the following is true regarding standard ISDN BRI service? A.) ISDN BRI B channels are typically 64K. B.) ISDN BRI can handle only voice. C.) ISDN BRI can handle only data. D.) ISDN BRI has 2B and 1D channels. E.) ISDN BRI D channels are 16K. F.) ISDN BRI can handle voice and data.

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In distance-vector routing, there is a problem known as the 'count to infinity' problem. What is the most direct solution to this? A.) Defining a Maximum. B.) You can not solve the 'count to infinity' problem with a distance vector protocol. C.) Poison Reverse. D.) Triggered Updates. E.) Split Horizon.

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Which of the following are examples of the Network Layer? A.) Token Ring B.) LLC C.) SQL D.) IP E.) TCP F.) IPX

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Which type of switching reads just the address portion of the frame and then immediately starts forwarding it? A.) Cut-Through B.) Store-and-Forward C.) Tabling D.) Routing E.) Inverse ARP F.) Fast Forward

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Which feature of PPP (Point to Point Protocol) allows the router to bind multiple channels together, to form a single logical channel? A.) multi-link ppp B.) multi-channel ppp C.) can't be done D.) omni-ppp E.) plp

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Which of the following are solutions to the problems encountered with Distance-Vector routing? A.) Defining a Maximum B.) Poison Reverse C.) Triggered Updates D.) Shortest path first algorithm. E.) Split Horizon

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Differentiate User Mode from Privileged Mode?


What is subnet? Why is it used?


What is the formula for metric of ospf?


What is refresher?


What are the protocols that are used by every layer of ip/tcp model?


How do you configure a cisco router for routing ipx?


which points are eliminated by the DBSCAN algorithm?


how we update the IOS version with the help of TFTP?


What are the things that can be accessed in a CISCO router’s identifying information?


What does the meaning of interface 0/0?


Why subnetting is used?


What we called 64 bit mac-address in ipv6?


What is the purpose of the Data Link?


Default packet size of ipv6?


Why we use debug command?