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Which of the following is true regarding standard ISDN BRI

A.) ISDN BRI B channels are typically 64K.

B.) ISDN BRI can handle only voice.

C.) ISDN BRI can handle only data.

D.) ISDN BRI has 2B and 1D channels.

E.) ISDN BRI D channels are 16K.

F.) ISDN BRI can handle voice and data.

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Which of the following is true regarding standard ISDN BRI service? A.) ISDN BRI B channels are ..

Answer / guest

Answer: A D E F

2 64K B channels carry the data.

1 16K D channel is used for control.

Note: In certain parts of the world, it is possible that the 'B'

channels are only 56k each instead of 64k each.

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Which of the following is true regarding standard ISDN BRI service? A.) ISDN BRI B channels are ..

Answer / haja bahurudeen m

Answer : A,D,E

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