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CCNA Interview Questions
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Which technologies listed below help prevent network loops in a switched (bridged) environment? A.) Store-and-Forward B.) IEEE 802.1d C.) Diikjstra Algorithm D.) Cut-Through E.) Spanning Tree Protocol F.) Routing

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Which OSI Reference Layer controls end-to-end (host to host) communication? A.) Transport B.) Physical C.) Datalink D.) Network E.) Session

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What is the first step in data encapsulation? A.) User information is converted into data. B.) Frames are put into bits. C.) Data is converted into segments. D.) Segments are converted into datagrams and packets. E.) Packets are put into logical frame.

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We know that TCP provides connection oriented services, what else does it provide? A.) FECN & BECN B.) Path discovery. C.) Flow control and error checking. D.) Name resolution. E.) File manipulation.

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With distance vector routing protocols, it is never useful to send the same routing update packet back out the same interface that it was learned. This concept is called what? A.) Holddown timers B.) Poison Reverse C.) Count to infinity D.) Split Horizon E.) Link State

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Which of the following are ways to provide login access to a router? A.) HTTP B.) Console C.) Telnet D.) Aux Port E.) SNMP F.) LLC

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What two types of PPP data compression are available using Cisco IOS? A.) Predictor B.) DoubleSpace C.) Stacker D.) PAP E.) ZIP F.) CHAP

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In regards to the OSI seven-layer model, at which layer is EBCDIC and ASCII? A.) Presentation B.) Application C.) Transport D.) Session E.) Datalink F.) Network

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Which of the following are examples of the Transport Layer? A.) SQL B.) UDP C.) IP D.) LLC E.) ARP

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Given the global configuration command 'banner motd #7 Hello #', what do the '#' symbols represent? A.) Escape sequence to exit the menu. B.) Nothing, just part of the banner. C.) Tic Tac Toe Macro. D.) Delimiting Character E.) Message border character. F.) Number of times message to be displayed.

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There is a process in Frame-Relay where LMI resolves an IP address from a DLCI number. What is this called? A.) arp B.) inverse arp C.) rarp D.) automap E.) reverse arp F.) arp

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When setting up a WAN network, everything outside of the Demarc is not owned by the customer. Which of the following are not owned by the customer? A.) The T1 line. B.) LAN C.) The Router D.) DTE E.) PC's F.) CO

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You want to segment a network. The network is running SNA and Netbios. Which device should NOT be used to segment the network? A.) A store and forward switch. B.) A router. C.) A Catalyst 5000. D.) A cut-through switch. E.) A bridge.

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Name a major component of the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) to negotiate and set up control options on the WAN data link. A.) RFC 1661 B.) High Level Datalink Protocol (HDLC) C.) Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) D.) SS7 E.) Link Control Protocol (LCP)

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Which of the following is an example of the Physical Layer? A.) SQL B.) IP C.) LLC D.) Token Ring E.) FDDI F.) TCP

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Differentiate full-duplex from half-duplex.


When we do default route?


What is etherchannel?


What is the difference between communication and transmission?


Can you explain static and dynamic tunnels?


Tell me which cable we connect in db-9?


Who controls mac address uniqueness and how?


What is a switch and why we are using switches?


What are the different types of network in ccna?


What is the mau?


What is the difference between switch and hub?


On which layer does L2F, PPTP and L2TP operate?


Explain the difference between tftp and ftp application layer protocols?


What is encapsulation and de-encapsulation?


In IPSec what is SAD, SPD and SA's?