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Which routing protocols uses connection-oriented routing




D.) IP


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Which routing protocols uses connection-oriented routing updates? A.) IGRP B.) UDP C.) RIP..

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Answer: E

Sybex CCNA Study Guide: Chapter 7, page 228-229

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) uses TCP to reliably deliver
its routing


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Which routing protocols uses connection-oriented routing updates? A.) IGRP B.) UDP C.) RIP..

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What is a back off on an 802.3 networks? A. It is latency in store and forward switching B. It is the time used for token passing from machine to machine C. It is the retransmission delay that is enforced when a collision occurs D. It is the result of two nodes transmitting at the same time. The frames from each transmitting device collide and are damaged

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Which of the following are valid Cisco encapsulation type names? A.) arpa = IPX Ethernet B.) novell-ether = IPX Ethernet_802.3 C.) snap = IEEE 802.2 SNAP on Ethernet, FDDI, and Token Ring D.) novell-fddi = IPX Fddi_Raw E.) sap = IEEE 802.2 on Ethernet, FDDI, and Token Ring F.) hdlc = HDLC on serial interfaces

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completly describe th steps fo osi model when you enter http:/

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How to see the running-config & startup-config infor from global configuration mode. As we know, from priviledge mode we cn see it by executing command. i.e. Router#show running-config and Router#show startup-config Now wat is the coommands use in global configuration mode o see those info. Router(Config)# ??????

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IP standard access lists use which of the following as a basis for permitting or denying packets? A.) destination address B.) port C.) protocol D.) source address

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Which layer is responsible for coordinating communication between systems? A.) Application B.) Network C.) Session D.) Transport E.) Physical F.) Data Link

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Which three devices can be used to convert the user data from the DTE into a form acceptable to the WAN service's facility? A. Modem B. CSU/DSU C. TA/NT1 D. CO E. SS7

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Which frame has a Type field to identify the upper-layer protocol? A.) 802.3 B.) 802.2 C.) 802.5 D.) Ethernet_II

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Identify the 2 hardware components used to manage and/or configure a router? A.) Auxiliary port B.) ROM port C.) Management port D.) Console port

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Suppose we have 4 switches runing in VTP mode. So when i create a VLAN in Server Switch this VLAN info reflect in all other switch. So question is - A) Suppose i m practicing this scenario in BOSON software, When a create a VLAN in server switch n ADD ports of switch to that VLAN, the same number of ports of client switch also belongs to dat VLAN. For example - In switch A (Server mode), i create a VLAN 7 name Hyderabad & port number 1, 2 & 3 put into this VLAN. Another Switch B (Client mode), its also showing that port number 1,2 & 3 belong the same VLAN. How cud it possible... As we know, VTP share only VLAN configuration information. Cud anyone explain it please....!!!! B)Same thing, when i m practicing in PACKET TRACER 5.0, its only showing that VLAN configuration information is shared. No port information is shared at all. I can manually configure individual switch port to respective VLAN as our wish. Cud anyone explain it please..!!!

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