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CCNA Interview Questions
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Classful routing protocols do not include subnet masks in their routing updates. Which of the following routing protocols are considered classful? A.) EIGRP B.) OSPF C.) TCP D.) IGRP E.) RIP F.) IP

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What is the standard ISDN term for a native ISDN telephone? A.) ET B.) TE1 C.) TE2 D.) LE E.) TA

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PICT & JPEG are examples of what layer in the OSI seven layer model? A.) Transport B.) Presentation C.) Application D.) Datalink E.) Network F.) Session

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Which of the following is an example of the Session Layer? A.) TCP B.) SQL C.) IP D.) X-Windows E.) Token Ring F.) LLC

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Which global configuration command will tell the router to load the IOS file 'IOS_filename' from the Network File server at during the next boot? A.) boot system flash IOS_filename B.) boot system tftp IOS_filename C.) config-register 0x0 D.) boot system rom E.) This can not be done, only the first file in flash can be used.

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At what layer of the OSI reference model does FRAME-RELAY map to? A.) Session B.) Physical C.) Network D.) Presentation E.) Transport F.) Datalink

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X.25 is characterized by layer 2 identifiers, and what else? A.) Virtual Lan's B.) Session Layer C.) Transport Layer D.) Routing Updates E.) PVC's

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Which of the following is an example of the Network Layer? A.) Token Ring B.) RARP C.) LLC D.) DDP E.) TCP

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What is an advantage of LAN segmentation? A.) Increases broadcasts. B.) Increases collisions. C.) Provides more protocol support. D.) Decreases broadcasts. E.) Routing protocol support.


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What does the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) provide? A.) Connectionless datagram service. B.) FECN & BECN C.) Flow control and error checking. D.) Name resolution. E.) Path discovery.

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Which OSI Reference Layer is concerned with logical addressing? A.) Network B.) Transport C.) Datalink D.) Physical E.) Session

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What layer can optionally support reliability? A.) Transport B.) IP C.) Physical D.) Network E.) Sub-physical layer

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Which of the following is an example of the Datalink Layer? A.) LLC B.) TCP C.) SQL D.) IPX E.) Token Ring F.) MAC

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What is the last step in data encapsulation? A.) User information is converted into data. B.) Segments are converted into datagrams and packets. C.) Frames are put into bits. D.) Data is converted into segments. E.) Packets are put into logical frame.

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Which switching technology can reduce the size of a broadcast domain? A.) Cut-Through B.) Store-and-Forward C.) Spanning Tree Protocol D.) RARP E.) ARP F.) VLAN

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what are the different asymmetric algorithms?


Give some benefits of LAN switching.


What is the maximum request timer?


What is loop back ip in ipv6?


Which way of communication bus topology use?


Which cable we connect in db-9?


What is difference between flsm and vlsm?


What is 10base2 ethernet lans?


In which ios version 182 people can access router through telenet?


Define network congestion?


Explain the difference between half-duplex and full-duplex?


Why mac address called physical address?


What is the main advantage of using switches?


What is the purpose of a data link?


Does a bridge divides a network into smaller segments?