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Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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Trial balance can run which level, legal entity level or operating unit level.

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What is the difference between Operating ID and Org. ID.


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Is Operating unit have branches in different location. I.e. same operating unit have One branch at Delhi and another one at Mumbai.


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How the system will know which entry come from which operating unit. Example A,B and C is a operating unit and bymistake we posted one entry in Operating Organisation A which belongs to actually Operating Org. B. How the system will understand that this entry Posted in Operating Unit A.


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What is the difference between Oranisation ID and Org. ID. Is both are same?


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What is the use and benefit of Multi-Org.


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Is Multi Org. setup is mandetory or optional?

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In GL Journal entry can understand which level i.e. batch wise or individually.


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why should we create prorate calender and what is the difference between depreciation calender and prorate calender in fixed assets module?


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What are the steps involved in connecting reporting set of books to primany set of books. How to translate from Functional to Reporting currncy every month or daily?

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I have a existing Oracle applicttions and need to bring one of the new business on it. The new business will use GL, AP and FA. We will use existing COA. This business will have 3 sets of books (1- tax book, from April to March; 2- Primary book, from July to June; 3- Reporting book, from July to June); All books will have same currency; HOW DO I TRANSFER DATA FROM PRIMARY BOOK INTO TAX AND REPORTING BOOKS EVERY MONTH? IS THERE ANY STANDARD ORACLE PROCESS WHICH CAN BE SCHEDULED? THE REPORTING BOOK WILL HAVE DIFFERENT DEPRECIATION METHOD SO HOW DO I NOT TRANSFER DEPRECIATION FROM PRIMARY TO REPORTING BOOK AND DO SEPERATE DEPRECIATION IN REPORTING BOOK FOR THE SAME ASSET THAT IS ALSO IN PRIMARY AND TAX BOOK?. HOW DO I APPROACH ON SETTING THESE NEW SETS OF BOOKS? Thank you in advance for your help.


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we track suppliers information from legacy to oracle apps what is the programe?in technical scenario we use sql loader or adi but in functional what is the program ?

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how to transfer the retained earning amount from curret year to next year? what is the path in apps financial


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What is the difference between invoice price variance and purchase price variance?

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what is the accounting convention? what are they?


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Un-Answered Questions { Oracle Apps Financial }

We are running Oracle EBS 11i and yesterday whilst doing my month-end I forgot to select "calculate finance charge" on form ARXSUPST AR Print Statement run. I am struggling to get to My Oracle and was hoping someone out there might have experienced or heard of a similar problem. What are my options to rectify this situation... I look forward to you inputs..... Thank you Regards Salie


How to Reconciliation AP to CM ? How to Reconciliation AR to CM ?


Invoice Approval Process?


could you please post some work around that any body have done in the financial modules.


Hi I'm new in ERP - Oracle Application i appriciate if any one help me in this issue i need SQL to get badeget balance Acutal Balance Encumbrance Balance fund Avalable thanx ahmed


Recurring Problem Posting i have Journals for sep 2018 that i approved but they are not available to post even though the period is open in Oracle R12 Issues


While assigning the security by book in oracle assets..i am unable ot get the asset org in security profile form.This asset org was already defined in org description window.


I am created credit memo in at but while trying to complete it showing error message-hz_party_location


Explain Customer Creation and Maintenance Process. Provide samples of customer master records with Payment Terms.


On what different real time issues you worked while doing P2P cycle implementation?


payment types and payment methods.


Charge Back Setups ?


What is the db number of a particular customer TCA?


What kind of budgets have you worked on?


Explain Customization process?