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Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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What is ment by asset revaluation?

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In prepare mass additions window what are available Q names?

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what is the difference between initial mass copy and periodic mass copy?

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what is internal retairment?


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What experience do you have in FA Module Implementation?

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whichever documents prepaired by the FUNCTIONAL CONSULTANT while implementing project by using AIM.


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What are the back end process happening when closing period and opening period. This is the technical question and what are the tables updating in this process? pls help me

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Re: While you are in implemenation what are u faced the issues ? tell me what some ap & GL issues?

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How many reporting Set of Books can be attached to one primary Set of Books


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What's the accounting entry when an Invoice is created in AP?

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What's the difference between cross validation rules and security rules?

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What are the mandatory accounts that need to be setup in Set of Books?

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what r the errors we will get while oracle financial implementation in accounts payable and please how u have solved those errors

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what are the jvs effcted in ptp cycle?


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different phases of aim methodology

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Un-Answered Questions { Oracle Apps Financial }

How will account an advance of Rs.10000/- which is a permanent prepayment, can I make payment for this?


Define the activities of the Configuration Manager (AP,GL,FA) in the team. Give examples


Provide an overview of AR cash receipt processing.


In Subinventories Form, how to enable the Locator Control. A message displayed when changing the drop down list "FRM-40200: Field is protected against update.


On what different real time issues you worked while doing P2P cycle implementation?


encumbrence set ups?


Explain Customer Creation and Maintenance Process. Provide samples of customer master records with Payment Terms.


What is the procedure for requition import?


Please post the setups required to approve the payable invoice in AP.


what is the use of hr: security profile, while configure multiorg?


What kind of necessary ap information you gather from the client?


I am currently working in reputed Org as a Oracle apps end user (AR). Learned R12 functional course, but no real time exp as in support or implementation project.Please guide. thank you.


What is automation of accounts payable activities (evaluated receipt settlement)?


What is the use of gl set of books name, while configure multiorg?


What is the Process of Reconciliation Between AP to GL