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What experience do you have in FA Module Implementation?

What experience do you have in FA Module Implementation?..

Answer / venki

implementing the AP to FA that is mass addition program invoices transfer to the fa modules and you have to post manually and run the program as post mass addition.

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R there any setups to change the source while entering Journals manually? The defaulted one is manual and the box is greyed out, how can i change the source?

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What are the different Payments documents ?

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ERS Invoice means?

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What is Intercompany Invoicing?

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How many views are generated when compiling flexfield structure ?

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What is the procedure of: Analysis of invoice holds and getting them released in Accounts Payables.

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Can you cancel the invoice? If yes, explain?

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On what basis you will define accounting structure

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explain with examples what r the roles & Responsiblities of a functional consultant who reviews the Test Scripts, Test Cases and Test Execution Results of AP, FA and GL.

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Ran CREATE ACCOUNTING concurrent program to transfer data from AP to GL but the program was completed with status WARNING. can I have few answer for the same.

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