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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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How much flow is passing through 6 inch line? There are no gauge, no any transmitters in line.

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What is megering????

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waht is difference between pressure transmitter and transuducer


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There are two chlorination tonners both are connected to two pressure swithes and the pressure switch is connected to SOV which operates the valve to changeover the tonner selection i.e if pressure one tonner goes low the other tonner should come in line if it is inautomatic selection design a circuit using relays ?


what is input and output cards of plc needs to be hot swappable mean

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why magnetic flow meter is not used in thermel power plant operation

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How does milli volt is created in themocouple?


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How does pyrometer works?

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Why we are using temperature and pressure as a reference when measuring flow of steam?


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What is Process portal A(PPA)?


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How Many Slave Can be used in one slave ?

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what do you mean by cathodic protection?


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what is Best Among SINK Or SOURCE Type Design In Digital Signal, Either Iput Or Output? WHY?Can any one..

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what is the difference between transmitter and smart transmitter ?

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what is loop folder?

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hi my name is rakesh patel i just complited my be in instrumentation & control now i am going to working as a validation engineer in a poject department so what is a scope in a future as a validation engginer ? what line is good for me can any bady give me complete solution please? your regard rakesh patel


Please send me the sample question of Instrumentation of hpcl/iocl exam. my mail id


What is difference between differential pressure & delta pressure?


Why even multiple power supplu r used in instrumentation system?


i have steam drum height 1000mm. and i want to placed the transmitter below the i calculate.


I am having a Phoenix digital to modbus converter. The o/p of the same is connected to flow computer FB407. But the digital signals are updated only after one minute in the flow computer. what may be the cause of delay in communication? Flow computer is having a scanning period of less than 1 sec.


What is difference between “Fault Tolerant” & “Fault avoidance” PLC? Application where these system s are used?


What is stripper & spilitter ? Diffrence in this.?


please send me the inteview questions in IOCL


Explain the difference between differial pressure & delta pressure?


for oil & gas industries which zone is normally preferred? why? give its example?


What is the difference between mmwc and mmwg?


1.what is the effect of vapour presuure in orifice plate flow measurement 2.which is more effective 2 pressure sensors or one single differential pressure sensor in orifice plate measurement to design a v/i converter and i/v converter many type of thermocouple are there many leads are there in thermocouple measurement pressure sensors are connected in level measurement in differential pressure method 7.what is the output of capacitive pressure sensor (ac or dc),how its o/p is signal charactarized 8.what is the physical meaning of discharge coeeficient,why it is calculated,orifice plate what is its value,why it is less than 1,Q at upstream is equal to or not equal to Q at downstream of orifice plate why?what is vena contracta in orifice plate 9.why rotameter is called variable area flowmeter,it can measure flow even if area is not varying,why it is made tapered a 10 bit counter ,which counter you will prefer to remove self heating error in RTD 12.which is more sensitive pt100 or pt50 13.why thermocouple are connected in parallel 14.what is lead contact error in RTD,how to avoid 15.what is P,PI,PID,PD controller,why there is no ID controller 16.what is override,split range,sequential,ratio,feedforward,cascade controller 17.why we moved from SR to JK and then JK to master slave JK flipflop,give correct reason to measure level of a closed container which contains vapour and liquid,remember no vapour gas should be leaked,so ultrasonic and capacitive is not an option,design another method to design horse race counter including sensors and signal conditioning element 20.what is bevelling


What is zener diode? What is voltage regulator?


How does work A temperature valve or fv control valve in process plz brief me