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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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How much flow is passing through 6 inch line? There are no gauge, no any transmitters in line.

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What is megering????

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waht is difference between pressure transmitter and transuducer


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There are two chlorination tonners both are connected to two pressure swithes and the pressure switch is connected to SOV which operates the valve to changeover the tonner selection i.e if pressure one tonner goes low the other tonner should come in line if it is inautomatic selection design a circuit using relays ?


what is input and output cards of plc needs to be hot swappable mean

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why magnetic flow meter is not used in thermel power plant operation

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How does milli volt is created in themocouple?


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How does pyrometer works?

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Why we are using temperature and pressure as a reference when measuring flow of steam?


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What is Process portal A(PPA)?


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How Many Slave Can be used in one slave ?

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what do you mean by cathodic protection?


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what is Best Among SINK Or SOURCE Type Design In Digital Signal, Either Iput Or Output? WHY?Can any one..

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what is the difference between transmitter and smart transmitter ?

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what is loop folder?

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Hi Friends i am going to write BARC written test by this month 20th (20-5-2008). So please if any body knows the details about this or having previous question papers pls mail me to For Suggestions give one message to 9962122264


Isometric drawings are generated during _________________ phase of a project


i hav applied for the post of engg. in iocl so please require the past test papers fro instrumentation engg please please help me and send me the papers or tell me the pattern and type of ques asked in examination......


How to Calibrate Vibration Probe (Axial, Redial) in field


how to do dynolab wind speed sensor loop test, how to simulate value,i have simulate mA 4-20mA but not responding in DCS faceplate, please kindly advice me any one.


A PLC is programmed to drive three motors A, B and C as follows : After running motor A for an hour, motor B should get ON and motor A should get OFF. And after running motor B for an hour, motor C should get ON and motor B should get OFF. And after running motor C for an hour, motor A should get ON and motor C should get OFF. (That is, a cyclic repetition with time period one hour) Now, the second condition is: If any motor gone faulty and is tripped, the consecutive motor should get ON and the faulty (tripped) motor should be eliminated from cyclic repetition. The remaining two motors should bear the cyclic repetition of one hour each. (For healthy motor take logic as high and for tripped motor take logic as low) Now, the third condition is: When motor A load(Amps) exceeds 60% of its rated load, motor B should get ON in parallel to motor A. And when both motors A & B are running in parallel, and if their load exceeds 60% of their rated load, motor C should also start in parallel to A & B. [Here the cyclic repetition is eliminated, until their loads become normal(40%)] [Take logic high(1) for load at 60% and logic low(0) for load at 40%] Now draw a flow chart or a ladder diagram to fulfill the above condition.


what is KV and XV valve


What is the difference between conductive lined pipe and conductive unlined pipe? Why do we see that?


in sulfur process what is material of impulse line we use to connect with transmitter ? and does teflon affected by sulfur?


how can be calibrate flow indication transmitter (rosemount) it shows excess milli amps nearly about 24 ma on full scale, but its scale was set on 20ma on full scale..???how can be simiulate..???


what is the electrical operation procedure for switching on 27.6MVA electric furnace.


i am preparing for BARC ,so plz mail me how to prepare for BARC. ALSO IF POSIBLE SOME RELATED QUESTIONS. MY MAIL ID IS


How we connect a instrument with ground, Give brief explanation with help of diagram?


In bently nevada vibration monitoring system,what is the reason to maintain the Resistance of the probe + extension cable equal to 95 ohm? If possible explain the basic principle of measurement with detail electronic circuits.


I m appointed as an automation trainee engineer in small firm in that I am only the one , my company give me a project on s7-200 as i m beginner I don't know how to program so please send me the helpful site so that I complete my project before deadline....please help me out in this critical situation.