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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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which are types of orifice tap ?

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how to measure draft pressure in transmitter pl. give its single line digram


how to connect transmitter measuring sulfur process? 1-by using long impulse line or 2- by using coated short impulse line


I installed the smartplant instrument v8, but can not be opened, that always said: "INTools 2007 hardlock no found". So Could you help me how to do for that?



Shall we get the reading on level transmitter only by termination,without commissioning?

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If the Barrier Fails during online then What will be the control valve position in field or Positioner action in the field.

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Why Flow measurement has to use Square Root

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why direct mounted pressure transmitters is always installed with DBB ( double bleed block) valve in process line or top of the tanks ?


In control valve , Failure position : Close If it is Fail close(FC) during failure of AIR.. what will be the initial/ normal position of control valve is it normally open or close? please some one explain soon..

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how can we understand about dcs "bailey infi 90 dcs system" . how its work how signal come from field how it process and how o/p creative by controller. how its cards work.the bsic principle of working of dcs

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why we take 4 to 20 mA as out put of every instrument like pressure transmittre ?why we cant take 0 to 20mA as output?


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what is the main supply source for pressure transmitter?

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Please explain the difference between instrument range and calibration range in terms of pressure transmitter? line design pressure: 93 bar operating pressure : 82 bar press Transmitter Range? calibration range ?


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different between calibration range and instrument range ?

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why? Boiler furnesh pressure transmitter mount in boiler top and it's impulse line is in bottom of the boiler. Aneybody kindly tell me this reason.


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How to calibration coriolis flow meter?


Describe the functions of the Operator Interface including the considerations related to alarming and display layout/configuration/layers.


How to calibrate radar type level transmitter for interface level? Total liquid(liq.1 and liq.2), level both the liq individually? For. Both the liquid levels how the signal will go from transmitter to dcs? How to calibrate. Single radar 9:26:55 AM for 2 different liquids in a tank?


Which Signal hart communicator work? If there any signal change when hart connect while transmitter in line ?


I faced several time siemens ps2 positioner automatically getting Chang in it's set point direction after auto calibration  So is there any causes biside this or  any  permissives ?


How to measure the dust in chimney(spm)?


Explain the working of rota meter.


Explain why use mmwc unit?


what is surge and how is it prevented, what is the purpose of bypass valve across AS valve.


you must show the examples application and give at least 4 types of transducer/sensors that can minimize the failure during the manufacturing of the resistors.


Which type of pressure can be measured by primary elements?


Displace type LT to be calibrated in workshop, wt. 40, dia- 60 mm, density- 0.8kg/cm3.


What are the type of bonnets in the control valves?


Where Can i take a SPI INtools training in Mumbai? In Rolta India Ltd to whom I should approach regarding of SPI INtools Training?


How to calibrate Toxic gas detector?