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SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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What are questions may be asked in the Interviews for Indian Payroll?


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In the Enterprise Strucutre which is integrate with Time Management?


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What is the difference between Pay Grade and Pay Scale?

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1) What is the US payroll process (plz give me detailed point 2 point ans,,, ) 2) What User-exit ? why do we use this 3) what is the diff between Work schedule and Work schedule rule? 4) What is Full cycle implementation(is it particularly for one sub module as Payroll or total SAP HR ) ? 5) What is Time constraints ? why do we use this ? 6) What is Time evaluation process ?

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detail descrtion of lsmw

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different between book depreciation&specil depreciation

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Please read fully and give me soluction. A have done MBA with 65% (HR&MKT) I Have 6 months experience in hr recruitment. I have targets in recruitment. so I decided to come out of from the target presure. I tried for change I got opportunity as a admin executive with one of Networks company. I joined I am working but I am thinking IF Is suits to me or not. I am totally confuse. May i know admin have good opportunities with softwarecompany. i am totally confused about my career. My altimate goal is to get a job in mnc software company as a HR. Again I have Knowledge in sap-hr also.I am earning only 1.4 lks PM salary.Now which way is correct to me. Plrse answer me. Thanks and Regards. Sai

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can u use 2 LDB in the same report?

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(All these should ans by keeping US payroll in mind) 1) What is Factoring 2) What is the link btw HR and FICO 3) what is period parameters where do we assgn this 4) What is the difference in configuring *Mid year go live and year end go live* What are difficulties we face in mid year go live 5) what is the infotype Planned compensation and its purpose 6) Can we assign more than 5 wagetypes to a single Symbolic account and reason 7) If i hire you what you brings in to TCS tell me 5 points 8) where you want see you 5yrs from now 9) what is work schedule rule 10)what are the challenges you faced in US payroll 11) what is VWTCL and VWTCLE.what is the difference 12) Garnishment


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Why is this statement false? Personnel subareas are defined in R, are assigned to one Personnel Area only and can be used in directly defining authorizations.


what r the infotypes with out validity dates

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how did you integrate hr and fi briefly with screenshots to my email

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what is meant by full life cycle implementation?

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Can any boby explain in detail about full life cycle implementation?Problems occuring in different phases?


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What is the use of matchcode w? : hr- payroll


In which infotypes the system performs the indirect valuation?


What is the use of counting rules?


how u configure salary packaging and CTC?


Where do you maintain the relationships between objects?


What is the relationship between the pinch feature, the table in which administrators are stored, and the infotype 0001?


What is object id?


How are relationships in om specified?


Which hcm processes are incorporated in ess as workflows?


what does a training menu comprised of?


Which feature is used to define the default values for the pay scale area and pay scale type?


What is difference between simple maintenance and detailed maintenance?


What is Employee Subgroup Grouping For Personnel Calculation Rule?


How can we give abscence quota's for a group of employees.


List the steps you would take to create the pay scale types?