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Yash Technologies Interview Questions
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Brief scenario of check table / value table?

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what is the difference between alternative calcluation type & alternative condition base value?

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company is dealing vth the hardware and software products. acustomer can purchase both kind of material then company wants to maintain the credit limits diffrently as per the hardware/software wise. where can we do this configuration?

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How to information transfer

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What are the types of special stocks available?

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Why you use repository connectivity?

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In select-options, how to get the default values as current month first date and last date by default? Eg: 1/10/2006 and 31/10/2006

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what is full form ECC 5.0

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If HR person asked tell me about yourself then what is the sequence points to tell him the answer

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what is the use of CTU_PARAMS when we working with BDC?

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what is difference between update and modify

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What is the diffrence between select single * and Select upto 1 row?

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what is the use of private constructor in core java?

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how to check the 3ph capacitor is good or not.

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Can anybody plz give some important tables related to sap fico.Ex:-GL/AP/AR/AA/CO

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