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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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in customer master where we find delivery plant?

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how system determines item category?


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give me 5 different ways you can block the material from creating a sales order

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What is the difference between a Sales order and a scheduling agreement?


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what is use of shipping point in the sales order item category shipping tab. if remove the shipping point what will be happened?


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what is the purpose creating new pricing procedure instead of standard one?


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if posting is not happend what are all the solution to resolve this issue


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Why Does Delivery does not have schedule lines

Infosys, Wipro,

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Please can someone explain me step by step procedure of partner determination and also its purpose with all the relevant details.


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Please explain the purpose and configuration of Partner Determination. I was asked this question in an interview. I get confused in partner function, partner type, account assignment, partner procedure etc etc. I would be grateful to you people if you can clear my basic concepts on this topic. Thanks in advance


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what is cross function in sd explain with an eg?


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if shipping point gets greyed out for the particular line item what could be the possible solution to make that order complete???


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Why and when do we use item category 0002?


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What is the role of SD consultant in Realization phase?


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What is the difference between TAS and TAN?


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What is a 'distribution channel'?


What is the standard group condition routine in condition type, what is its importance?


Define tax determination rules


what is the purpose of sales document types/


A Client wants to connect his SAP ECC system to his SAP CRM system. What do you want to do to enable the integration?.


what is the difference between sap credit memo request and sap credit memo?


How to create a sales document?


What do you control at item category level in the delivery?


Hi I am srinivas. I trained sap sd course. I know all transaction codes and tables as per bookish knowledge. But I don't know which t-codes and tables we use in real time. So i want to know the t-codes and tables in real time. pls help me. Thank u. Srinivas


what are the components of sd?


What is partial delivery agreement? In which master data is it defined? What are the different types of partial agreements available in sap sd ?


Name the three internal organizational elements within a sales organization and briefly explain their function.


Explain the various sections of ‘customer master record’.


What do you understand by intercompany customers and one-time customer?


Can anyone tell me the link for interview question for SD module. . . As i m fresher so i really need to know what sort of question i will to have face during interviews . . . .