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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Hi friends. What is GTS(Global trade service)? What is its future. What is the market for GTS in current situation? Pls tell me as soon as posible. Thanks in advance


what is role of sd consultant in ale idocs?


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Hi I am srinivas. I trained sap sd course. I know all transaction codes and tables as per bookish knowledge. But I don't know which t-codes and tables we use in real time. So i want to know the t-codes and tables in real time. pls help me. Thank u. Srinivas


hi all. I want to know the sd-fi and sd-mm integration in detail as per real time. Pls tell me with examples anybody. Help me. Thanks in advance. Riyaz

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What is a posting block?

Yash Technologies,

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what are the 16 fields in pricing procedure. what is rebate agreement. what is condition class. what is calculation type. what are effects of PGI. what is third party processing and what are the pre- requisites. what is the sales process. what are the organizational units of sales and distribution.

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Hi all. I am ravi. I have a doubt. While creating a sales order,pricing procedure is not defined automatically. What could be the reason. Pls give me answer. Thank Q. Ravi

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Hi.The sales order and delivery has credit blocks.But the sales order has been released for delivery.Will the delivery will happen?. For credit relate is there any difference between current date and document date.Thanks in advance.

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Hi.Will the intercompany invoice will happen automatically in inter company process.If it is automatically any customization required.Thanks in advance.

Atos Origin,

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Hi friends. I am srinivas. I want to know the text determinatin. What is the text determination. What is that use. Where can we use text determination in real time. Pls explain me in detial with example.


what is the significance of sub-total in pricing procedure


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How Stock transfer takes place in inter-company.


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How do we come to know whether the vendor has invoiced the company or not ? in sales order regarding the third party sales.

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Is it possible to charge differently for an item material of BOM?? For ex. Monitor is an item material of a BOM called computer. Now if any 1 want buy only Monitor then I want to charge more than the price which is charged as item material for the BOM (computer). How it can be configured??

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How to assign a new sales document type with a new sales area?


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What are the basic types of information it (information structure) comprises of?


What are the different types of partial agreements available in sap sd ?


Output with different language is it possible to have two delivery notes in two different languages?


Sir, I'Ve interview with IBM . I want few SAP-SD real time tickets and its solution . ... E-Mail New Answers Answer Selected Questions Post New SD Question ...


Define tax determination rules


What are different sales document in sap system? How to create a sales document?


wat is core team. wat core team member do plz answer asap thnks


Recently ibm asked what is tcode of sd cin?and what is the cond.type in cin?plz any one can clarify what should be the exact answer for this question?and if any one kind enough plz send me sd cin detail document in my email id


To extend material one plants to another plant what are the configuration you done in your project?


Where in the sale order would you enter the serial numbers for material?


How to assign sales group to sales sales office?


What is an outline agreement?


Infostructure filling we have two company codes and new infostructure s004 for filling. We must fill it with data from first cc only. Is there any problem if the people who create orders, deliveries, and billing of second cc work at this time?


What is product attributes?


What is the use of condition supplement?