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SAP Basis Interview Questions
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How to add sap systems in solution manager? Steps?

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How to find file system with size in unix?

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To check if sap work processes are running?

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To check if oracle processes are running?

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Last step of kernel upgrade in unix

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What is OPS$ mechanism?

NTT Data,

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Database related issues?

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If Background job active long time ?

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Difference between shutdown abort and shutdown immediate?

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Difference between DB Verify and DB Check?

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If user admin password forgot? What you do?

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Type of client copies?

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How will you do a local client copy? Just tell us up to the point where you monitor the progress. What if SAP* user is not available at all in your system then how u will do client copy?

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What is the difference between R/3 and ECC?

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What is the purpose of table USR02?

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My Apologies, The previous questions were concerning the Transaction ST02


Some transactions in sap are seen as customizing, for instance ovrf (updating routes). In some systems this is set as master data and can be set open. Where do you do this?


User wants lock ASAP then what will u do?


How do you check the installed software components and product versions on sap system?


what is the common storage file for oracle ?


What is the information derived from OSS notes?


how would you troubleshoot the 'user cannot connect to sap'?


How do you solve oracle archive struck?


What is the use of Trusted system? I know that there is no need of UID and PWD to communicate with partner system. In what situation it is good to go for Trusted system?


What is the role of “ application server” ?


hi friends, in sap screen with 000 client i unable to logon,with 001 client i can login but i want to log on with 000 client how i can loggin with 000 client intial screen ,please can u help me


What is the use of commit value while deleting jobs in sap system?


What is upgrade process? And how u will do that?


I want to let sap skip printing cover pages during printing for any kind of report. How can this be done?


What is client administration in sap system? Why do we use multiple clients in sap system?