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SAP Basis Interview Questions
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How can you tell if a transport is in the process of being imported?

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Will a client copy transfer the background job schedules and all client dependent data?

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How do you change five dialog work processes into batch. Where can you do this?

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How to monitor user accessed transactions (T-code) on a given day?

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How do you disable the 'Import All' button on STMS for the queues?

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How do you create a password exception list?

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When you are Locking/Unlocking accounts what happens behind the scenes? Why is the good to know?

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What are the functional modules used in sequence in BDC?

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Where are t-code name and program values stored? How can I find a list of all the t-codes in the SAP system?

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What is the purpose of table T000?

Cap Gemini,

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How would you estimate the client size?

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Tell me two ways to check kernel, tp.exe version?

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Users are complaining that the SAP system shows a hour glass for a long time at the time of logon and they aren't able to log on to the system and users logged on are complaining of long delays going from t-code to t-code. How can you troubleshoot this problem if you can�t get to SM50 or SM66 or even logon? Why is this?


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How would you import a transport request at operating system Level?


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What is difference between sm50 and sm66?

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What do you understand by transport management in sap basis?


When we are doing cash sales, free goods and discount, How many pricing procedure do we need to create..? Only one PP required or have to create multiple PP..? and how many condition type we need to create..?


Explain logon load balancing?


How can you find a list of objects that have been repaired in the system?


how would you troubleshoot the 'user can not print'?


Do you know logon groups at which situation will be created logon group?


Is it possible to install ecc 5.0 as a test system and not production, without installing solution manager?


What is an “ok” code is and what is the difference between “t-code” and “ok” code?


Differentiate between synchronous and asynchronous transport


How do you solve oracle archive struck?


I need to change the Company address parameters of a user. The path is SU01 -> -> Change - > Address Tab - > Display Icon in Company Address section. In the new screen, i see a preview section icon; on clicking which, I can change the parameters such as "Sending Country"; "Street/PO Box number" and number of lines in the resulting pop up. Here though i change the parameter "Street/PO Box number" field to 'S' ( Street has priority over PO Box), its changing again to 'P' (PO Box has priority over street) only. In the help section it is written that if we set the user parameter (tcode SU3) LND1 to the desired country we can control the user specific Sending Country with the desired value else it takes the Sending Country of the Company defined by default. But no such parameter has been given for Street/PO Box number so that we could change its value atleast there. Someone suggest me how to change the Street/PO Box number of the Address format for a user to the desired value.


My Apologies, The previous questions were concerning the Transaction ST02


How to update SAP


I am installing a sap j2ee engine at crm. When it reaches phase 22 it halts for more than 10 minutes and gives up starting the system. What should I do?


How to identify a particular T_Code has been modified or not? If yes, how to identify who modified particular T_Code in current system?