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  • JK Technosoft interview questions (7)

JK Technosoft Interview Questions
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What is correlated subquery?


Which method the Servlet container call to create the instance of the servlet?

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What's the difference between the "Payables Open Interface Import" Program and the "Payables Invoice Import" program?

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what is difference between type 4 driver and type 1 driver?

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what r d crontab fields?

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HELLO, I have a doubt in FI Asset Accounting. On 01.04.2010 I capitalized the asset (Furniture & Fixture) and purchase on 01.04.2010  (Document date & Posting Date) worth Rs.10000/-  (ASSET Acquisition Value) , I charged depreciation 10% up to 6 months with WDV method. After 6 month the value of asset is Rs.9500/-. Now I want to sell the asset of Rs.9000. When I done the same instead of showing the loss on sale of asset of Rs.500/-, its showing Rs. 1000/- on loss on sell of asset. WHY SO…… PLEASE SUGGEST I AM CONFUSED, IS THERE SOMETHING MISSING IN CLIEN 800? OR IT MY MISTAKE IN G/L ASSIGNING IN T.CODE: AO90


Type of client copies?

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JK Technosoft Interview Questions
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