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IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions
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I want to run ls *.csv (sftp command) from CL Program... Can u plz tell me when SFTP command will start running? i.e.which command should I use in CL Program to run ls command?

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PGM QSH CMD('/QOpenSys/bin/sftp -b/home/test/myfile.txt serverUserID@server') ENDPGM Can u plz tell me what the above code do exactly?

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can u plz tell me is there any difference between SHELL SCRIPT & SFTP SCRIPT? I want to run LS & GET(automatically) command from CL program....which script can be used?

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How can I automate sftp commands(ls & get) in CL program.. If I want to write two scripts one for each command... can u plz tell where the script should be written? & what will be the content of each scripts?

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what is flatfile?what is the use of this file?where we can use usualy?what is the advantage of this?


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what is data structure?how many types of data structers?

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How many types of jobs?what is difference between interactive and batch and submited jobs?


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Which command is used to replace CDUP command in FTP IF i WANT TO USE SFTP?

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The content of Physical file is as below: hfcftp wruquief SENDPASV 0 CDUP ASCII GET 01100901.CSV ramndk/ECP505.EC0110090 (REPLACE QUIT Thw above commands will get executed when we call STRTCPFTP from CL program.... Now if I want to use SFTP what can be the solution? plz reply in detail....Thank you for ny help...

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can I copy content of Physican file in some source Member of type TXT? Thanx..

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what is the use of UNIQUEUE KEY WORD? what is the difference between PFILE AND REF?

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what is OUTFILE?what is the uses and disadvantage? where we can use this?

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what is jurnal?what is the use of theis?what is difference between commitment control and jurnaling?

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How to genarate the reports?

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what is primarykey?what is difference between primary key and forign key?

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what does exfmt does?


how you will find an error which is not in the first page of the subfile without using rolldown key?


give three main purposes of file specification ?


define what a data area is along with a brief example of what it may be used for?


what is the necessary keyword for non-join logical file?


how can we run a batch job?


explain the difference between defining subfile and message-subfile?


which type of object is used in db2/400?


how to validate input values in display file ?


how can you specify no duplicate key?


a multiple format logical file is also known as?


can anybody give the interview questions list of RLU. plz mail me:


how can I automatically refresh a web page?


the maximum number of subfiles that can defined in a rpg program for one display file is ___ .


is it there an easy way to determine if an html section is available to issue a wrtsection upon?