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QSH CMD('/QOpenSys/bin/sftp -b/home/test/myfile.txt

Can u plz tell me what the above code do exactly?

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PGM QSH CMD('/QOpenSys/bin/sftp -b/home/test/myfile.txt serverUserID@server') E..

Answer / syam

-b = Batch file
/home/test/myfile.txt = path of input file

serverUserID@server' = ip address


PUT or Get command

Bye command = Quit

SFTP is a Linux Unix command

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PGM QSH CMD('/QOpenSys/bin/sftp -b/home/test/myfile.txt serverUserID@server') E..

Answer / ravi

I believe, it gets the details of the file mentioned in the path like created/changed date etc.

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