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IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions
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Can anybody please tell me what is difference between SQL (STRSQL ) and WRKQRY .....?

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Hi All, Can any one give me a suggestion for below prob One job is in MSGW due to decimal dara error and I find out stmt error and Value in DMUP. but my file has millions of records.So how can i find out on which record the error was occured....?

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Hi friends i have i question please reply me asap. what would be coding in DDS and programing part for this condition suppose that i have three fields in the display file(subfile)which has 7 record format. Condition is ''The supplier LOT, ISSUED TO PROD and LINE GRP fields in display file(Subfile) will not be shown if their respective fields are blank/zero in the record formats WIM311FM and Record format WIM311FM. I want coding part in DDS and Programing. Please reply me as soon as posible.


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How I can read and display three fields in the record format DSPFM1 of the display file,while one field(using in one file) is NAME which is Key field in field reference file and another two fields are AGE and ROLL NO are using another file. Please send me coding part.


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Q.Hi All friends, I have one Question, I have three fields in display file SUP LOT, ISSUED to Prod and Line Grp. Field SUP LOT is mentioned in one field reference file WRSLT and key field as a key field LP.Fields ISSUED to PROD,Line GRP are mentioned in the another Field reference file WMDTF. So I want to read SUP LOT on the basis of key field LP from the first file WFSLTand then i want ot read another two fields ISSUED to DATE and LINE GRP from second file on the basis of SUP LOT, which i got from first file.Now i want to display these fields in the display file DSPWMMS. but Condition is that 'Supplier Lot,ISSUED to Prod and Line Grp will not be shown if their respective fields are blanks/Zero. Please Let me Know coding part of this senerio and what would be coding for display file to now shown fields if fields are blanks/zero. My mob. no. is 9836300345. Please reply me asap.


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Hi Friends, I need immediately answer for this: Senario is that,I am selecting records from the display and window subfile on the basis of Reason Code and some more fields but spool file not showing the same records which i have selected by display and window subfile. Q.What could be the causes(resons)to not show records properly (just selected in the display file and Window subfile)according the selection criteria of the records. Q.What would be the solutions to show records properly in the spool file just as selected in in the display file and window subfile according to the selection criteria.


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Q1. How to use signature in service program and ILE.? Q2.what is use of signature and binder language and what is the relation between them?


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Any change in service program we write binder language to allow signature change,What is the maximum number of signature change allowed in RPGLE?

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we have 2 PF files with same name, how to copy data's from one file to another through RPG program logic?

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I have 1 rd in my flat file. say reord from 1 to 10 position : 'AS400NDB2400' I need to change the value from N to Y using SQL stmt ...How can I update this....?

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If login Screen has been modified by adding current date to be displayed. What Step to be followed to Keep that date as Current date Note: If no steps taken then it will display only the compilation date


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Is LDA can be access accross the Job?

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What is the difference between keys of a Physical file and the keys of a logical file?

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What are the steps to retrieve the records from Journal file...?

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STRTCPFTP command is used to start FTP in CL Language (ILECL)....can u plz tell me which command is used to start SFTP in CL language(ILECL)?

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some special characters I key in my html source members show different on my web pages. Why? How can I solve this?


which are the relational operators in rpg?


is there any way to dynamically merge other html scripts into a given html?


which of the following operations does not zero the field flda defined as 4,0?


I have created a command that display Source file and library. Now i want that when i enter library name and press f4 on Source file, pgm should display all the PF- SRC's in that Library. For F4 option i have used Choice program but since only limited paramters are passed in Choice pgm i am not able to paas library name and further can't call a pgm that will display list of Source files. Below is the Code snippet for CMD type object :- CMD PROMPT('Source Scan for HUB Standard') PARM KWD(SOURCE) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(1) RSTD(*YES) + VALUES(N A) MIN(1) + CHOICE('N,A') PARM KWD(SRCFILE) TYPE(FILE) RSTD(*NO) + PROMPT('SOURCE FILE') FILE: QUAL TYPE(*NAME) LEN(10) RSTD(*NO) EXPR (*YES) + CHOICE(*PGM) + CHOICEPGM (XXXXXLIB/YYYPGM) QUAL TYPE(*NAME) LEN(10) DFT(*LIBL) + SPCVAL((*LIBL)) EXPR(*YES) PROMPT ('Library') Below is the Choice pgm:- PGM PARM(&PARM1 &PARM2) DCL VAR(&PARM1) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN (21) DCL VAR(&PARM2) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN (2000) IF COND(%SST(&PARM1 1 10) = 'CHOICE ' *AND + %SST(&PARM1 11 10) = 'SRCFILE ' *AND + (%SST(&PARM1 21 1) = 'C' *OR %SST (&PARM1 + 21 1) = 'P')) THEN (DO) /* (%SST(&PARM1 21 1) = 'C' *OR %SST (&PARM1 + */ CHGVAR VAR(&PARM2) VALUE('Name, F4 for List') ENDDO IF COND(%SST(&PARM1 1 10) = 'CHOICE ' *AND + %SST(&PARM1 11 10) = 'SRCFILE ' *AND + %SST(&PARM1 21 1) = 'P') THEN (DO) CHGVAR VAR(&PARM2) VALUE('Name, F4 for List') CALL PGM(GTSQL) PARM ('XXXXLIB') return ENDDO Thanks in Advance for looking into.


what is the purpose of overrides?


What is the difference between non-join logical files and join logical files?


How to see all members of a file?


can we define multi-dimensional arrays in rpg ?


In 'o' Specs What Is The Opcode For Write?


what is the favicon.ico request that my site receives now and then?


In AS/400 projects in Companies whats the meaning of production support team.what production support involves.also what work does development,maintenance involve what are the other teams or processes that are available for as400 project.


what is the purpose of dynslt keyword?


what is the use of jdftval in join logical file?


which are the string manipulation opcodes?