what are stored procedures?

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what are stored procedures?..

Answer / suresh

Stored Procedure are the precomplied set of sql command.

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what are stored procedures?..

Answer / pushpa

stored procedures means containing a precompiled block of
if we call stored procedures they need not compiled,only
execution takes place.
with this advantage ,work on database is less.

with these sps we can perform business logics.

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what are stored procedures?..

Answer / akn

Its nothing but a set of T-SQL statements combined to
perform a single task of several tasks. Its basicaly like a
Macro so when you invoke the Stored Procedure,you actually
run a set of statements

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what are stored procedures?..

Answer / suguna

It is nothing but data base object it is stored in data
base whenever we required we will specify the procedure
name & execute it

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what are stored procedures?..

Answer / jyoti ranjan samal

Store procedure can invoke DDL&DML statement and can return
2.You can also execute one procedure to another procedure.

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what are stored procedures?..

Answer / sapna kalburgi

Stored procedure is a set of SQL statements used to perform
some particular task.

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