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For web applications from which version of Oracle is suitable?

For web applications from which version of Oracle is suitable? ..

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oracle 9i

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What is the meaning of "Modulus" and "Alignment" in a datafile. Data file might be from any database. Data file is created through unloading data from a table. So, while loading this data into my table, I need to use these keywords. Could any one can help me regarding this?

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Are These Dff's Flexible?

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Give the stages of instance startup to a usable state where normal users may access it.

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Explain the difference between a hot backup and a cold backup and the benefits associated with each

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what is debit memo and credit memo in AR?

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Tell me about entire study of finacle software as soon as possible? give me the idea about questions which coulb be asked in interview of pnb it officers?

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