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Xerox Interview Questions
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what is architecture of IIS?

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what is the journal entry for credit sale and credit purchase?

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What"s mean by term of BOQ in construction?

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what you did yesterday from morning to till evening?

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please provide wct retun guide line how can prepaire that


a company sold an equipment for $8600, but the actual book value of the machine was $8000, pass journal entry

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Profit is a asset or liability to the company....? If is it a asset or it is....?

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What are Local Sockets?

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fixtures of the the book value rs.2500 sold off at rs. 1600 and new fixtures of the value of rs.4000 were acquired what would be amount of capital loss if cartage on purchase is rs. 5? a.2500 b.900 c.1605 d.4005

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Un-Answered Questions

Say you want to store the information about a number of pets in an array. Typical information that you could store for each pet (where relevant) would be • Breed of animal • Animal's name • Its birth date • Its sex • Whether it has been sterilised or not • When it is due for its next inoculation • When it last had its wings clipped For each type of pet (eg. dog, cat or bird) you would typically define a class to hold the relevant data. Note: You do not need to implement these classes. Just answer the following questions. 3.1.1 What would be the advantage of creating a superclass (eg. Pet) and declaring an array of Pet objects over simply using an array of Objects, storing each of the instances of the different pet classes (eg. Dog, Cat or Bird) in it? 3.1.2 Would you define Pet as a class or as an interface? Why? (2) (2)


adams a debtor for R600 had been declared insolvent and part of his debts has to be written off. The attorneys informed you that an amount of 25c in the rand will be paid and the rest must be written off


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