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can any one tell that i have a variable which is declared as static but i want this variable to be visible to the other files? how?

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what is diffrence between string and character array?

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i want to asked a question about c program the question is: create a c program that displays all prime numbers less than 500? using looping statement

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what is the value of b if a=5; b=++a + ++a

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Write a c program to find, no of occurance of a given word in a file. The word is case sensitive.

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create a C program that displays one z,two y's,three x's until twenty six A's. plzz answer i need it tomorrow.

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what will be the output for the following program? main() { char ch = 'k'; char c; printf("%c",c); }

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union { char ch[10]; short s; }test; test.s = 0xabcd; main() { printf("%d",ch[10]); }

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extern static int i func() { i =10; i++; printf("%d \n",i); } main() { i =20; printf("%d \n",i); func(); printf("%d \n",i); }

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Write a program to display the no of bit difference between any 2 given numbers eg: Num1 will 12->1100 Num2 will 7->0111 the difference in bits are 2.

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A.C func() { pritnf(" in fuction %d",MACRO); } MAIN.c testfunc() { #define MACRO 10 printf("in test function %d", MACRO); } main() { printf("in main %d",MACRO); func(); testfunc(); getch(); }


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typedef struct { int i:8; char c:9; float f:20; }st_temp; int getdata(st_temp *stptr) { stptr->i = 99; return stptr->i; } main() { st_temp local; int i; local.c = 'v'; local.i = 9; local.f = 23.65; printf(" %d %c %f",local.i,local.c,local.f); i = getdata(&local); printf("\n %d",i); getch(); } why there there is an error during compiling the above program?

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Can i use Two or More Main Funtion in any C program.?

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Why the below program throughs error during compilation? #include #include enum { ZERO, ONE, TWO, }; main() { printf("%d",&TWO); getch(); }

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List at least 10 sorting methods indicating their average case complexity, worst case complexity and best case complexity.


Write a C program to count the number of email on text


write a programming in c to find the sum of all elements in an array through function.


Iam a B.Tech graduate and completed my engineering in 2009, from 2005 to 2009 and after that i had done nothing.Now i want to do job and get into BPO field . Friends give me suggestions as what to say in interview... if they ask me that what would you had done ... these many years without doing job ??????? pls urgent


if p is a string contained in a string?


Why we not create function inside function.


What is the difference between declaring a variable by constant keyword and #define ing that variable?


what do u mean by Direct access files? then can u explain about Direct Access Files?


Write a program to produce the following output: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


please can any one suggest me best useful video tutorials on c i am science graduate.please help me.u can email me to sas29@in.com


Read the following data in two different files File A: aaaaaaaadddddddd bbbbbbbbeeeeeeee ccccccccffffffff File B: 11111111 22222222 33333333 By using the above files print the following output or write it in the Other file as follows aaaaaaaa11111111dddddddd bbbbbbbb22222222eeeeeeee cccccccc33333333ffffffffffff


hi... can anyone help me to make a two-dimensinal arrays in finding the sum of two elements plzzz. thnx a lot...


Read N characters in to an array . Use functions to do all problems and pass the address of array to function. 1. Print only the alphabets . If in upper case print in lower case vice versa. 2. Enter alphanumeric characters and form 2 array alphaets and digits.Also print the count of each array. 3. Find the count of a certain character. 4. Print the positions where a certain character occured. 5. Print the characters between successive array elements. 6. Find the largest and smallest charcter. How many times it each one occured. 7. Enter a certain range. Print out the array elements which occured between these range. 8. Reverse a character array without using another array. 9. Reverse an array region. 10. Replace a the array elements with it next character . Use a after z. 11. Code the array element with certain character as first alphabet. 12. Duplicate all the vowels in a character array. What is the new count. 13. Delete the vowels in a character array. What is the new array count. 14. Print the count of all characters in the array. 15. Enter n alphabets and store a upto tht charcter in array.What is the array count? 16. Sort a character array. 17. Merge 2 character arrays largearray,smallarray. 18. Find the pair with largest number of characters in between. 19. Find the numerical value of a charcter array. 20. Store n numeral characters in an arrray. Insert another numeral character in a certain position. 21. Insert a character in a sorted array. 22. Merge 2 sorted arrays in sorted fashion. 23. Duplicate the least occuring character. 24. Write a menu driven program to circular right/left shift an array of n elements. 25. Is the character array palindrome? if not make it palindrome. 26. Concatenate the first n charaters to the end of the string. 27. Print all n group of chracters which are palindrome. 28. Concatneate the reverse of last n characters to the array.


Using functions, write a program that multiplies two arrays. Use the following functions: - Function ReadArray - Function MultiplyArrays - Function DisplayArrays


When I tried to go into a security sites I am denied access and a message appeared saying 'applet not initialize'. How can I rectify this problem.