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enum { SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY, }day; main() { day =20; printf("%d",); getch(); } what will be the output of the above program

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whenever a question is posted in a particular category in allinterview.com, Is there any facility to receive an indication mail. For eg: I need to receive an indication email, whenever a question is posted under the category “C Langauage”.

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what are the advantage and disadvantage of recursion

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write a program in c language that uses function to locate and return the smallest and largest integers in an array,number and their position in the array. it should also find and return the range of the numbers , that is , the difference between the largest number and the smallest.

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Input any no. and print all the the numbers that comes before it like this for e.g input = 4 0 01 012 0123 01234 plz answer it 2day

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write a C program, given number is double without using addt ion and multiplication operator?ex:n=6,ans=12,pls send me ans to goviseenu@gmail.com

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Prove or disprove P!=NP.


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Write a C program to convert an integer into a binary string?

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What is Dynamic Initialization.

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what are the advantage of pointer variables? write a program to count the number of vowels and consonants in a given string

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write a c program to print "Welcome" without using semicolon in the whole program ??

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write a program for 7*8 = 56 ? without using * multiply operator ? output = 56


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write a program to remove occurrences the word from entered text?

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Without Computer networks, Computers will be half the use. Comment.


What are the various topologies? Which one is the most secure?

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Write a program to replace n bits from the position p of the bit representation of an inputted character x with the one's complement. Method invertBit takes 3 parameters x as input character, p as position and n as the number of positions from p. Replace n bits from pth position in 8 bit character x. Then return the characters by inverting the bits.


i have a written test for microland please give me test pattern


Stimulate calculator using Switch-case-default statement for two numbers


write a programe to accept any two number and check the following condition using goto state ment.if a>b,print a & find whether it is even or odd and then print.and a


If i have an array 0 to 99 i.e,(Size 100) I place the values 1 to 100 randomly like a[0]=29,a[1]=56 upto array[99].. the values are only between 1 to 100. getting the array values by using scanf.. If i entered one wrong element value line a[56]=108. how can i find it.. and also how to find the missing value in 1 to 100.. and i want to replace the missing values.. any one of them know please post your answer..


about c language


Write a progarm to find the length of string using switch case?


All technical questions


what is the structure pointer?


Write a C Program That Will Count The Number Of Even And Odd Integers In A Set using while loop


write a program to display all prime numbers


write a c program for swapping two strings using pointer


Draw a flowchart to produce a printed list of all the students over the age of 20 in a class .The input records contains the name and age of students. Assume a sentinel value of 99 for the age field of the trailer record


can we change the default calling convention in c if yes than how.........?


what is the significance of static storage class specifier?