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C Interview Questions
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Write a C program to perform some of the operation which can be performed using Single linked list


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How do i store a paragraph into a string? for example, if i input a long paragraph, the program will read the words one by one and concatenate them until no word is left.

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what is an array

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progrem to generate the following series 1 12 123 1234 12345

HCL, Wipro,

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what will be printed by this printf? printf("%c",printf("hi")["sharkselva"])); }


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who is the father of C Language?


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a=(1,2,3); b=1,2,3; c=1,(2,3); d=(1,2),3; what's the value of 'a','b','c','d'

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what would be the output of the following program? main() { int k = 123; char *ptr; ptr = &k; printf("%d",*ptr); }

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what would be the output of the following program main() { int a[] = {1,2,3,4,5}; int *ptr = {a,a+1,a+2,a+3,a+4}; printf("%d %d %d %d",a,*ptr,**ptr,ptr); } }

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int main() { int i=1; switch(i) { case '1': printf("hello"); break; case 1: printf("Hi"); break; case 49: printf("Good Morning"); break; } return 0; }

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Hi can anyone tell what is a start up code?



Can anyone tell what is stack overflow? what precaution we should take?

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what are the advantages & disadvantages of unions?

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which one is better structure or union?(other than the space occupied )

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can anyone please tell about the nested interrupts?


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Why is void main used?


What is a #include preprocessor?


How many levels of indirection in pointers can you have in a single declaration?


How can I call system when parameters (filenames, etc.) Of the executed command arent known until run time?


What is array within structure?


What is a stream in c programming?


write a programe to accept any two number and check the following condition using goto state ment.if a>b,print a & find whether it is even or odd and then print.and a


Write a C/C++ program that connects to a MySQL server and checks if the InnoDB plug-in is installed on it. If so, your program should print the maximum number of concurrent threads that the InnoDB plug-in can create.


What are bitwise shift operators in c programming?


Find duplicates in a file containing 6 digit number (like uid) in O (n) time.


What are all different types of pointers in c?


What is the value of c?


Which of the following operators is incorrect and why? ( >=, <=, <>, ==)


How do I copy files?


How is a null pointer different from a dangling pointer?