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how to find the kth smallest element in the given list of array elemnts.


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how to sort two array of characters and make a new array of characters.


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what is difference between ++(*p) and (*p)++

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what is difference between array of characters and string

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char ch=10;printf("%d",ch);what is the output


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char ch="{'H','I',0};printf("%s",ch);what is output


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which one is not preprocessor directive a)#if b)#elif c)#undef d)#pragma

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what will be the output: main(){char ch;int a=10;printf("%d",ch);}

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value = 0xabcd; for (loop = 1; (value >> 1) & 1 | loop & 1; loop++) { foo(); if (loop & 1) value >>= 1; } how many times is foo() executed?


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class foo { public: static int func(const char*& p) const; }; This is illegal, why?


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how to estimate the disk access time? e.g. the time between read one byte and another byte in the disk.


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what is the hexidecimal number of 4100?


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give one ip, find out which contry


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What is C language Terminator?


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program to find a smallest number in an array

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i have to apply for the rbi for the post of officers. i need to know abt the entrance questions whether it may be aps or techinical....


Is there any algorithm to search a string in link list in the minimum time?(please do not suggest the usual method of traversing the link list)


what is the difference between class and unio?


what is the basis for selection of arrays or pointers as data structure in a program


In c programming write a program that will print 10 multiples of 3 except 15,18,21 using looping


write a program in C that prompts the user for today's date,tomorrow's date and display the results.Use structures for today's date,tomorrow's date and an array to hold the days for each month of the year.


Write a client and server program in C language using UDP, where client program interact with the Server as given below: i) The client begins by sending a request to send a string of 8 characters or series of 7 numbers, the server sends back a characters or numbers as per the request of the client. ii) In case of series of 7 numbers: The client sends a multiplication of numbers, to the server. iii) In case of a string of 8 characters: The client sends a reverse order of string to the server.. iv) Server will send an acknowledgment to the client after receiving the correct answer


please send me the code for multiplying sparse matrix using c


please explain clearly about execution of c program in detail,in which stage are the printf sacnf getting into exeecutable code


what is a function method?give example?


application attempts to perform an operation?


Hai,I have done with my bachelor of commerce and planing to ms,please suggest me how to convince vo for shifting from commerce to computers. Visa on 8 DEC 2014  Npu university


provide an example of the Group by clause, when would you use this clause


How to establish connection with oracle database software from c language?


what is event driven software and what is procedural driven software?