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Amazon Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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tell me about ur favourite colour

48 454792

what do you expect from the company if you get hired?

18 187921

Tell me 2 minutes about traffic hyderabad ?

48 203986

how did you spend ur last day?

28 140691

how did you celebrated ur last birthday?

30 413343

Tell me something about urself ?

60 76521

speak for 2 minutes on some topic

41 608970

Tell me something about your hometown.

35 299548

tell me the most memorable day of ur life and why is it so?

42 533782

Speak on your unforgettable or memorable day for two minutes?

82 584799

why do you want to join bpo

134 761233

tell me something about your happiest moment

27 185222

being a student why do you want to go for a call centre job

2 8658

unforgettable movement in your life?

2 9712

who is your role model in life?

34 83417

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Amazon Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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