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Amazon Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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What will be the salary for IBM/DELL tech support? ( voice - fresher )

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How do you about our company ?


How to Start PRI round(Personal introduction round) how to end it,how much time shld be taken in this round. guys please answer very clearly so every one can understand and i really apprecitae you reply.hope this will help every one in there life how is going to face this round.its a genrall and very first round.

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Hey frens! I want to work in call centre as fresher; as such these days I could not find any advertisement for international call centre and I am planning to go through the guides of consultant. Would it do?


Tell me something about ur favourite Holiday destination?

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tell me about delhi . ??

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why do you want work in a bpo/call center?

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why a B. Sc. Maths student chose to work in a BPO?

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why a engineering student looking for a call center job

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why you want to join non voice (backend) process whereas u have lots of exeperince in voice process

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How would you convince your customer?

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y do want 2 work for our company only, ther r so many multi- national company's better than this ?????

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Do you want to ask us something about the company?


What will you do if you are offered a job with a salary higher than this?

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why you feel you are a right fit for this position?

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Amazon Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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