how did you spend ur last day?

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Answer / sumit raju

As usual, i woke up at around 8:30 am then i took bath,
brushed up my teeth & then had my breakfast. Then after I
had a small get togather party with my college friends who
are staying to nearby my premesis for the short course
duration & we really had a lot of fun there. As my last day
was working day so after having lunch i dressed up and
deft home for office where i spend my rest of the day while
tackling with customer queries by implementing the
technical troubleshooting steps.

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Answer / mithilesh singh parmar

yesterday i woke up let after woke up i fresh an up myself
then i went to morning walk then i came back to home around
7 o'clock then i had tea and i read newspaper then i took
bathe and i had break fast around 9 0'clock then i went to
my friend home where we discused about some interview topin
and we had lunch then we took 25 minuter rest and we
watched movie and in evening we went for evining walk then
i came back to home around 7.30 0'clock then i started
cooking and read around 2 hour and last i had dineer and
finally i went to bed that all ...
u can writer acoading to ur day report......

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Answer / sanjeev

yesterday I got up early in the morning and took fresh
than I went in the kichen for tea after that I got
newspaper from my friend manoj and saw the job colums n
then I prepared my self for interview with the help of my
elder .
And I had Done the more m more practise to improve errors
in my self like command on english

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Answer / chandan malhotra

Yesterday, i got up early in the morning than i did my daily routine after that i took my breakfast than i went market at 11 am to buy something than i came back at 1 pm than took my lunch than at 4 pm i watched movie after that at 8pm i went outside with my frnd than i came back at 10 pm than took my dinner after that at 11:30 i went to my bed

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Answer / irshad ali

Hardly I woke up around 05:00 o`clock then got fresh and went for morning walk with my friends after 2 hour morning walk I came back to home and took bath then had breakfast with my family .
after that I called one of my friend who is my neibhour and my closse friend I went to market for shopping with him .
We enjoyed a lot and after that we came back to home and had lunch after that I took rest for 3 hours . Again i woke up and went to market with all friends and enjoyed a lot . I returned to home around 9 o`clock and surf internet 1 hour and had dinner with family then went to bed .

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Answer / manzoor illahi

I woke up 6:am then went to washroom got fresh and had some prayers then I went to the mess had some breakfast after that I got a call from friend as he was ill then v went both to the hospital and got some consultation and medicine then near about 1:00 I had launch as I was exhausted then I went to the bed and had some sleep then around 6:00 I woke up then went to the gym and had dinner around 10:00 then went to the bed....☺

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Answer / manish shishodia

As usual, i woke up at around 8:00 am then i got fresh, took bath & then had my breakfast. Then i did my content writing work for about four hours, as I do freelance content writing for IndiaMART. At about 2 pm, I prepared my lunch and after having lunch I watched movie Lakshya. The movie is all about having an aim in our lives. After that i decided to go to market for buy some foodstuff for Dinner along with my friend staying to nearby my premesis. So, i went to my friend house and from there we both went to the market. I came back to home around 7.30 0'clock then meditate for some time and after that i started cooking. I had already invited my friend for the dinner. So we had dinner together. After having the dinner I go through my e-mail, where I found this opening, so I planned for the interview and prepared my self for interview and finally i went to bed that all ...

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Answer / raju yadav

I got up early in the morning.Then I took both.After that i had my breakfast. Then i got ready for office .I reached office at 9.30 and start my job .Then by 6.30 pm I left office for my home.I reached home around 8 pm . then had my dinner and slept.

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Answer / ruchi

I woke up around 7:00 O'clock in the morning, then I brushed my teeth and took hath. After that I had my breakfast. Then I went to my friend's home where we discussed about some interview topics and we had lunch around 1:30 on. Then we took some rest and we watched a movie in the evening. I came back to home around 7:30 pm and then helped my mother in cooking. Last I had dinner and finally went to bed.

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Answer / sonu kant verma

As usual,i woke up around 8.00am then i brushed up my teeth and took bath and then had my breakfast.after that i done a small party with my college friends who are leaving with me.after that i got a newspapaer with my friend surve then i saw a jobs and prepared my self for the interview with the help of my friends..
and i done so much pratice to improve my errors....

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