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Amazon VB Script Interview Questions
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Could Anybody tell me the Script for REVERSE an Interger int reverse(int num) Ex:246 to 642.. Thanks in Advance.

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Could Anybody Please tell me What is the script for Find 3rd Largest element in the Array without using a SORT function int Find(int arr[], int size); Thanks in Advance..


Could Anybody tell me the VBscript for REVERSE an Integer int reverse(int num) Ex:246 to 642

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Could Anybody tell me VBScript for Check if a given number is Prime number-Don't use any Built- in Functions Boolean/int is Prime(int number).. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Anybody could you Please tell me How to write the script for Checking whether given number is Prime Number or not..Thanks in Advance

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Hi, Anybody could tell me What is the script for Reverse of Given number. Ex:236--632. Thanks in Advance..

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Hi, Anybody could tell me What is the 3rd Largest Number in the series..Thanks in Advance..

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Amazon VB Script Interview Questions

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