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Amazon Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is general HR?


What is suspense Account?

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E-1,E-2 form received against which sale?

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42. G.Simkins sends back stock to J.J. Fabrics (a supplier), having originally purchased it on Credit. J.J. fabrics issued a Credit note for the value of these goods. In simkins’ books, the double entry for this transaction should be. a) Debit : J.J. Fabrics; Credit purchases b) Debit : purchases; credit J.J. Fabrics c) Debit : J.J. Fabrics; credit purchase returns d) Debit: purchases returns; credit J.J Fabrics.

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write about an e-mail to manager seeking permission for leave


ABC is a person he is paying rent every month last month he did not paid the rent and current month he paid this month rent and also last month rent. so now what is the journal entry?

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Amazon Accounting AllOther Interview Questions

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