Tell me something about your hometown.

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Tell me something about your hometown...

Answer / ilavarasan

my home town is chandapuram which is a small village 12 kms
from village is a very beautiful place to
live where we can have a very good village life.we always
have a fresh air and non polluted water.our village is
surrounded by a small montain which gives a nature look to
our village.the mountain is full of rocks and trees which
gives an appearence as such a green and silver blanket is
is spreaded on it.our village wakes up when the sun rises
and the people go for their work with their food in a
box.people in my village are healty since they work in
fields and spend the wole day under the the night we
have a complete silence and every body enjoys the silence
and have a pleasent sleep without any disturbaces......

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Tell me something about your hometown...

Answer / trinadh velchuri

my home town is guntur.MY parents have been living there for the past 30 years so i grew up here. guntur is the learning and administrative capital of guntur is also the centre of historical places like as uppalapadu,kotappakonda and amaravathi etc... It is also the centre of agricultural commodities like as tobacco,chillis and textile hub in india. mainly guntur is the famorus for the chillis which can export to different countries in the world and which is also the competitior of chillis exports in Mexico for the first place

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Tell me something about your hometown...

Answer / barath

my home town is of the best city in of the best place to hang amusement heavily populated city.......when it comes to summer the hottest city of all....and there are lots of corporate, bpo sectors & industries..........and fastest growing city.....

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Tell me something about your hometown...

Answer / sravani

My home town is mallvaram which is a small village near to khammam my village having good enviornment it is very beautiful place to live. In my village peoples having good friendly nature and hepls to each other. In my village present in Ramalyam temple our people belive in it having powerful historical background so that pepole offers prayer in that temple.I finish my primary education in my village. I feel proud to say about my village........!!!

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Tell me something about your hometown...

Answer / nilesh

I have been in Pune from last 5 years and I have to say
Pune is one of the best cities to live and work in India.
Surely, I cannot compare it to metros like Mumbai and New
Delhi but it still is nothing less than those cities. The
best thing about Pune is its strong rich culture which is
not so common with other places in Maharashtra. Ideally,
Pune is one of the top cultural cities in one of the top
states of India.

Apart from the same, there are various other facts and
reasons why Pune rocks !!

Let me share the same below -

1 - Pune is the seventh largest metropolis in India, the
second largest in the state of Maharashtra after Mumbai.
Also it is ranked as a Gamma- Global City.

3 - Pune is the hub to top class automotive companies like -
Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mercedes Benz, Force
Motors (Firodia-Group), Kinetic Motors, General Motors,
Volkswagen, and Fiat. Ideally, it is the Motor city of

4 - Pune is the largest hub in India to German companies.
German companies have set up over 250 businesses in this

5 - Pune is the largest centre for Japanese learning in

6 - Pune is the home to Film Archives and Film & Television
Institute of India (FTII). The Film archives hold original
copies of Indian movies since the beginning of the Indian
film industry.

7 - NDA, the country’s only National Defense Academy is
located here. The NDA has a sprawling campus and excellent
facilities for all-round training of cadets. Also, the
prestigious AFMC ( Armed Force Medical College) is located

8 - The world famous and one of the world's largest
spiritual centres, The Osho International Meditation Resort
is located here. Osho lived and taught here in Pune in
1970s and 1980s. The Osho centre has visitors from over 100
countries. To tell you more, I was living very close to the
same though I couldn’t visit the centre. I could see people
mostly from foreign countries visiting Ashram both during
daytime as well as night. Osho Ashram is located in
Koregaon Park, one of the finest locations in Pune. If you
are rich and if you are fascinated by night life, then
Koregaon Park is the place to be in. Must visit place in
Pune !!

9 - Pune has over 100s of universities. A huge number of
foreign students come to study in these universities. Plus
highest number of students from Pune university go to
abroad for higher studies.

10 - Pune is the land of hills and forts. The place is
surrounded with natural beauties. Some of the best tourist
attractions are - Bund Garden, Aga Khan Palace, Shaniwar
Wada, Mahatma Phule Vastu Sangrahalaya (Museum), Mushli
Lake, Chathushrungi Mata temple, Dehu Temple, Lord Ayyapa
Temple, Panshet Water Park, Katraj Snake Park, David
Synagogue, etc...

11 - The mumbai-pune expressway is another attraction. It
is India's first six-lane concrete, high-speed, access
controlled tolled expressway. The expressway has has
reduced the travel time between the cities of Mumbai and
Pune to approximately two hours.

12 - Last but not the least, Pune is the fourth biggest IT
destinations in India. Pune has the highest number of
software companies in India after Bangalore and Hyderabad.
Some of the most popular IT parks are located here like
Rajiv Gandhi IT Park at Hinjewadi, Magarpatta Cybercity,
MIDC Software Technology Park at Talawade, Marisoft IT Park
at Kalyani Nagar. Several IT majors like Wipro, Infosys,
Satyam, Tata Consultancy Services, Kanbay, Veritas,
Cognizant, PCS and Mahindra British Telecom have their
development centres here.

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Tell me something about your hometown...

Answer / venkat

my home town is trichy,is locate centre of the tamilnadu,in
this place lot of holy places
srirangam,rockfort,samayaburam,and some entertainment
places also are available like mukkombu, is
very good industrial place we have bhel,railway
workshop,oft,now improved out airport to international

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Tell me something about your hometown...

Answer / mehraj

i am basically from kashmir . kashmir is very beautiful
place in india. kashmir isthe only state in india where
their r two capitals one is in summer and one is in
winter . we don't have words to express the beauty of
kashmir . there is a deep forests ,huge glaciers , heavy
snow fall in wionter . in nut shell very difficult to
express in words .

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Tell me something about your hometown...

Answer / juhi

My hometown name is Limbasi, which is situated in center part of Gujarat state. Basically, it is a small village, popullation of that area is appoximatly 5000. It is a peaceful town. Most of the people are depend of farming. It is famous for one old temple.

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Tell me something about your hometown...

Answer / ramu

my hometown is raicode,which is a beautiful village like there is so much greenery and terrific lake occupy around 600 acres,there is a living around 5000 people and people are very friendly peaceful and calm,most of the peoples farmers,it is a quite developed village.there is a all sophisticated facilities available like shops,internet centers,education and hospital, my village is well connected to the other places and there is peaceful environment fresh air and pollution free no boisterous and no bustling.

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Tell me something about your hometown...

Answer / abhishek kumar sinha

iam basically from patna. whenever i talk about my home town
its always nostalgic feeling comes to me.
Patna basically derives its name from the word Pattan, which
means port in Sanskrit.
The city patna which is the capital of state bihar is not so
big but there are plenty of things to visit in patna.
Gautam Buddha passed through this place in the last year of
his life and there is one famous tourist spot near by patna
named as bodh gaya.
A divine river named ganga has also passed through the city
patna which make it more holy place.
I really love my home town and iam really blessed that i
belongs to this divine city.

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