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Amazon Puzzles Interview Questions
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there are 3 jars of different jar holds 8 litres of milk,the other 2 jars of 5 litres and 3 jars are empty.There is no measuring level or marks in all the jars.Juggle between these 3 jars and get 2 jars containing 4litres each at the end.

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There are 25 horses and only five tracks in a race. How do you find the second coming horse of all the 25 horses, provided there is no stop clock? (obviously, a horse cannot participate more than once in a race).

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There are 25 horses and five tracks. There is no stop clock and we have to find the top 5 horses in the bunch. What is the minimum possible races ?

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A remote island contains a tribe whose members have either blue or brown eyes. Tribe members do not know the color of their eyes and if they learn it, they must kill themselves the same night. Every member of the tribe always behaves logically...

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In how many ways can we put numbers 1 to 9 without repeating in a 3*3 matrix,so that the sum of all elements in any row and column and diagonal is 15??

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In a locked empty room from inside a man hanged himself to a fan above 10 feet and there is nothing in the room on which he could have stand and hung up but there is some water on the floor can anybody give the answee

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Amazon Puzzles Interview Questions

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