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HSBC Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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You are fresher in BPO field. If I give the position of a A.M? Will you accept it or not? Describe whay?

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I have completed my graduation in B.A.(Eco) I have 3 - 4 years experiance in staff (Back office). 2 years in office assistant and 1 year in computer operator. from last 7 months I am doing work as Account assistant. I want to join call center so please tell me how to face the intervies of call centers and how should I have present my job profile to them ?


I have studied BCA,but i haven't got my certificates yet, so i want to join HSBC BPO. Can any one tell me what will I answer, if the HR ask me why I am choosing HSBC BPO after completing BCA.

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You have studied BCA. Now why do you want to join HSBC Call centre i.e a banking company.

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what do you know about customer service?

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Tell me about a movie you have seen rescently. Tell me about yourself

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what is favorite colour? and why?

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In a modern world there are no heroes or heroines do you agree

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what is the most biggest problem that you ever had in your life,and what did you do to make it right?..

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Tell me how did you spend your last weekend.

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What is Smart Work and Hard Work ?


What is the procedure of Recruting done by BPO and what is the basic salary paid to the fresher ?


How do you feel about doing repetitive work?


Tell us something about yourself, discuss 5 characteristics


How do you feel about doing repetitive work?

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HSBC Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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